Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara & Scandal Eyes

I'm a creature of habit once I find something that works I'll repurchase, I mean if it's not broken why fix it right? Over the past few years I've repurchased the Clinique High Impact mascara, priced at £17.50 it's not the cheapest of mascaras and given that it's something I use almost every day I decided to go on a quest to find some drugstore alternatives that match or even surpass my beloved Clinique mascara here's how I got on -

So I'll be honest besides the hyped up Stay Matte powder and the odd polish here and there I haven't tried many products from Rimmel. The Wonder'full mascara was pretty much picked up after watching an advert what can I say I liked the campaign, yes I'm a sucker for clever marketing and pretty packaging. And pretty packaging I sure got I mean look at that packaging, rose gold the mascara has a real luxe feel to it. The packaging is sturdy, the wand is perfect the small bristles really grip the mascaras allowing for easy application and serious length. This mascara promises to add volume without clumps and for me it pretty much lives up to the claims. I feel like I can layer without the mascara going bitty or clumpy. I've read some reviews on the web that have claimed this clumps really badly but in all honesty I've had no problems at all. If you clean off any excess after removing the wand from the tube it makes things less messy/clumpy. So for me this mascara separates the lashes whilst still looking super natural. It adds a lovely curl and just makes my lashes look a lot more defined. It wears well throughout the day and doesn't turn bitty like other mascaras I have tried. This mascara contains argan oil I'm not sure how I feel about this it does seem a tad gimmicky, however eyelashes are hair we put oil on our hair and it conditions it so how is this mascara different… but yes I didn't notice any difference in my lashes but given as I don't wear falsies my lashes are in pretty good condition anyway. The argan oil isn't visible in the mascara however I will mention that this has a particularly odd smell, it doesn't linger but yes worthwhile mentioning for anyone who's not a fan of scented products. This didn't irritate my sensitive eyes though and they are quite sensitive.

I won the lovely Farzana's giveaway recently, Farzana runs a beauty blog too and it's one of my absolute favourites so if you haven't already go have a read here! Included in the giveaway was the Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara*. Out of the two this has to be my favourite and not for the funky looking brush I promise. For me this one is the slightly more chunkier of the two but I actually find this easy to apply this adds length, volume and separates it also adds one hell of a curl in my lashes. For me this worked really well layered and never looked clumpy or left my lashes uncomfortable (some mascaras can do that to me after layering!) The curved brush does wonders at fanning out my lashes and I just find this grips my lashes really well, the shape fits the natural curve of my lashes and seems to add curl in the right places.

So the verdict I still dream about my Clinique mascara and most likely will repurchase at some point, but for now I'm happy that I've found two cheaper alternatives that in all honesty perform just as well. The Rimmel mascaras work really well for me and basically do everything I would want from a mascara.

Have you tried the Rimmel mascaras? What are you favourite drugstore mascaras?

*Won in a giveaway

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