Try Test Tell #1

I like to think of myself as a bit of a human guinea pig in everyday life, I like to tweak, review, and keep track of my diet, fitness and general lifestyle. Call me naive but if I read 'Three green tea's a day improve skin after four weeks' I'm most likely to try and see it through just to see if there is any noticeable difference. 

Constantly trying thing's inspired the 'Try Test Tell' series on my blog. The aim of this series is to try some of the talked about diet, fitness and lifestyle changes and report back on the results. Now as always a little disclaimer I'm not a nutritionist but I do believe that no one quite knows your body like YOU do. I know how I feel after certain foods, I know what makes me feel happy and healthy. The tips and tricks in this series won't be me promising a similar result to everyone as let's face it everyone is different but who knows these posts may prove helpful, useful or even inspire someone somewhere… *tumbleweed*

If you’re struggling with bloating and nothing seems to be doing the trick, gluten may be the problem. After getting asked 'when is it due' I decided enough was enough, I need to stop the tuck in and go approach and really tackle the root of my bloaty belly. So after reading a random article somewhere my ban on bread and pizza (boohoo) began. Through the month of March I was breadless, and craving  pizza. Prior to my 'gluten free' challenge I ate a lot of bread. Most mornings consisted of two slices of toast, followed by a sandwich come lunchtime and to top it all off some days I'd even have a slice of toast on my return from work to bide me over until dinner time. 

Although as far as I'm aware I don't suffer from celiac disease, it's been proven that you don't need to suffer from celiac disease to be affected by gluten. Some people may even have a sensitivity or intolerance without realising it. Wheat (because of the gluten that comes with it) is one of the most highly allergenic foods, it’s also been linked to bloating and IBS. Other side effects from gluten include fatigue, foggy mind, and headaches. 
After eating bread/pizza or anything with gluten in I felt bloated and sluggish so for me it was a no brainer to cut gluten out of my diet. So what did I notice? Well no more sluggish feeling after breakfast or lunch. Bloatiness was kept to a minimum. Dare I say it I even found I had more energy throughout the afternoon at work, feeling less sluggish and tired really boosted my mood and I just found I had more energy to get me through the day. Eating porridge and slow releasing foods at breakfast time meant I made it until lunch without my usually hungry feeling. In the short space of time I gave up bread I noticed a huge difference in my stomach physically my waistline had reduced… fair enough I wasn't rocking mega abs, but my stomach appeared a little slimmer. I wish I'd taken before and after pictures but in all honesty I didn't think there would be any change or difference in size. 

So guys if you suffer from a bloaty belly, tiredness and lack of energy and feel like you've tried just about everything why not look at reducing the levels of gluten in your diet. 

Have you tried cutting out certain foods from your diet? Do you avoid gluten? 


Ava Go said...

I should try a gluten-free diet, too! It may be the cause of this bloated belly. Thank you for such an informative post!
xx, Ava

beautylovesbooks said...

Bloated belly is really annoying! Something that works for me is eating only raw food for a while ( nuts, veggies and fruits). At first your belly is not happy at all, but after you get back to eating normally your stomach works so much better!

Clare Potts said...

I've been off gluten for about a month now, it makes SUCH a difference! Never going back!

Tweet tweet xx

Ginger n' Roses said...

I've been umming and ahhing about cutting out gluten (and dairy for that matter) for so long now! I now there are supposed to be loads of benefits, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet, I think I'd miss it too much!

Rebecca B. Bird said...

I don't avoid gluten entirely, but eating a ton of bread does make me a bit bloated. Honestly I've stopped eating bread for the most part, because there are other foods that are more nutritious for the number of calories AND more appetizing (to me at least). There are other foods that can cause bloat too though ... onions are a big one for me,

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment Ava, it's much easier than I originally imagined it would be although I still have the odd slip up (pizza) every once in awhile. But overall I noticed the biggest difference :D especially as bikini season approaches…eep x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, tell me about it!! for me it's my main issue my overall figures not to bad but my stomach carries most of the weight, ooh I may have to try this I've heard a lot of people talk about the benefits of only eating raw food defo want to try this out :D x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, well done!! It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, (apart from Pizza …I miss pizza dearly!) But it really does make the biggest difference determined to carry it on x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, I recently started to make an effort to cut out dairy too I've only giving up milk so far though (my skins been so much better since though!) It's a lot easier than I first thought it would be I went on like a complete detox but now I allow myself the odd treat as eating outs difficult :/ x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, I went on a shock detox whereas now I allow myself the odd treat (I missed pizza so bad!) Really? Ooh I've never noticed with onions I guess it's trial and error seeing how you feel after certain foods :) X

Helen C said...

Lovely post. I’ve been on a bit of a health kick also. Some of this info was quite helpful thanks! :-) xx

Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment Helen, glad you enjoyed the post I think everyone's trying at the minute with the health kicks I think it's with summer/holidays coming song good luck with your healthy eating though :D x

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