Topic 10: My Haircare Routine

For topic 10 of the #2014Bloggerchallenge I'm going to be writing about my current hair care routine. I have to be honest and admit before putting this post together I truly did not realise I used this many products, although six products may not seem like much to some, it is for me as most of my routines consist of three products max. 

I start with shampoo, at the moment I'm using the new Garnier Ultimate blends one (I reviewed this here) overall this is a lovely hydrating shampoo that really cleans my hair without leaving any residue or stripping my scalp it's a lovely budget friendly shampoo that I'm enjoying using. I lather my shampoo on the scalp, as the hair at the scalp is the youngest therefore the oiliest part of your hair, whereas the ends are older (driest most fragile part of the hair.) I like to gently work the shampoo in using the padded part of my finger. Friction can cause breakage and frizz so it's important to be gentle! 

Next up is conditioner, I reviewed the  L'oreal range back in August last year, can you believe this conditioner is still going strong! So squeezing the remains I like to apply this from the mid lengths of my hair through to the ends. I never apply conditioner to my roots as it weighs my hair down and just makes things greasy. We all know the longer the conditioner is on the better it absorbs but what I love about this conditioner is I literally only need to leave on for a minute or so and my hair instantly feels softer, smoother and more manageable. If I do have some extra time (usually my Sunday hair routine) I like to mix my conditioners I usually take something like this (or my Garnier conditioner) and mix with a super rich conditioner (like the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment) I apply through the ends tie my hair up…now here's where things get weird but take a shopping bag (any bag will do) apply over the head and tie at the nape of your neck. I find that the added heat makes my conditioners work harder and my hair feels so hydrated and looks super shiny. You can buy special caps for this but I've found my shopping bag method pretty much does a similar job- I've done this for years, it's a great thing to do if you're carrying out an oil treatment on your scalp/hair too. 

As I only use heat once a week on my hair I like to go in with some protection, this Ojon (again reviewed back in August here) is one of the best heat protection treatments I've come across. The cream is lightweight and never weighs my hair down or makes it greasy. Even when I apply to much product my hair just seems to drink this stuff up, it also smells divine and makes the overall look of my hair shiny and frizz free. I just love this stuff it's not tacky/sticky in the hair and however many drugstore alternatives I've tried I just always return to this. I apply a blob (technical) and cover my hair, I then take  some of the Redken Anti snap serum through the ends of my hair. This serum helps protect the hair against breakage, although I can't see an instant visible difference with this product I feel like long term this has really helped with keeping damaged straw hair at bay! Again this product is lightweight, non sticky and is virtually weightless in my hair. 

Once the hairs dried I apply some heat spray, I usually use Tresemme or L'oreal, I'm not particularly smitten with this heat spray, if you go in heavy handed it can leave the hair a tad bit sticky but if you spray this at arm's length from the hair there doesn't seem to be any stickiness. This doesn't weigh my hair down, or leave my hair feeling lank. 

I LOVE this product. I recently bought the Ojon Dry recovery smoothing cream on a weekend away from a little beauty discount store, can I find this product anywhere? Nope, nada! My guess is that this is a discontinued product, I've already sent a desperate email to Ojon to ask if there are any shops that still stock this product as it's just so good. I've battled with frizz for years, all it takes is a tiny bit of moisture in the air and my hair is one mega frizzy mess. I've tried just about every drugstore product that claims to 'fight frizz' (usually by coating the hair in silicons) which does leave it super smooth and sleek but again moisture and the frizz is back. This product has literally changed my hair, heat, humidity, rain, you name it my hair takes it when I use this product literally the only thing that gets rid of frizz…please Ojon bring this wonder product back so I don't have to use this sparingly. 

What are your favourite hair products? What products have you tried that keep frizz at bay? Have you tried/liked/hated any of the products mentioned? 

P.S If you'd like to read the other nine posts I wrote for this challenge you can do so by clicking '2014BloggerChallenge' on the labels bit to the right!


Amy Keeling said...

Awesome idea with your picture! :)
I'd really like to try some Ojon products however the price really puts me off.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, and cheers I thought it'd be a good way of showing all the products. I love Ojon but it pains me to spend over a tenner on one hair care product it does last a really long time though :D x

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