Clinique City Block Sheer

Having dark skin makes me more prone to hyperpigmentation.  It’s something I’ve learnt to accept over the past few years. It’s upsetting at times as on a whole my skin (without bragging) is in pretty good condition, but hyperpigmentation has the ability to make my skin appear dull, uneven and patchy. Although the pigmentation I have at the moment is bad I’m prepared to do everything I possibly can to prevent any further pigmentation developing on my skin.  After reading a lot of different articles I came to the conclusion that in order to protect my skin and avoid any further pigmentation SPF would be an essential.

The information we receive on SPF can be confusing for the average joe (like me) having visited my fair share of beauty counters I have to say that there’s a pretty mixed bag of responses in regards to SPF. For example take the KIEHL’S counter I was told that as my skin type is oily/combination wearing SPF daily would only worsen my skin and block pores it would not be recommended, on the other hand the Clinique counter told me that SPF rain or shine should be worn, to contradict this I was then told at a Liz Earle counter that having darker skin means that I already come equipped with SPF15 and added protection is not needed. After all that confusing conflicting advice I came to the conclusion that no matter what your skin type/tone/age/job SPF should be incorporated into your everyday skin care routine.

The Clinique city block (£16) is brilliant; I’ve used and repurchased this SPF for as long as I can remember. The texture isn’t slippery, greasy or sticky, applied to the skin this feels weightless and absorbs into the skin (unlike other SPF’s that sit on the surface.) This works brilliantly as a base for makeup, this doesn’t add unwanted shine or make my skin oily. This is just so lightweight and I love that it’s not greasy, this does have a subtle beige tint but once applied to the skin it’s totally translucent. This has never caused breakouts on my sensitive skin, or those pesky under the skin spots I get with other SPF’s. Although this does hydrate my skin, if you suffer with dry patches I would be weary as this can cling ever so slightly if you do have dry skin Clinique recommend applying your usual daily moisturiser followed by this SPF. As my skin is oily I haven’t tried this method of application as layering moisturisers would make my skin unhappy.

When I think of everything I want from an SPF I have that with the Clinique SPF25 city block, it’s just perfect and works so well with my skin I can’t imagine myself without this. The Clinique SPF’s in general work really well with my skin I’m a fan of the Superdefense moisturiser, and I’ve recently started to try out the Clinique even better SPF. And for my holidays I rely on Clinique face cream SPF40, which offers me higher SPF for sunny climates.

What are your thoughts on SPF? What are your favourite SPF products? 


Josie said...

This sounds like a really useful product - I never think about SPF when i'm at home!

Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

Chloe Norton said...

Sounds like a great SPF, my skin is prone to pigment too so might give this one a try x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment Josie, I love it defo in my top picks for SPF I've tried it's sometimes hard to find one that's not greasy! x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment Chole, it's hard to find an SPF that's not greasy but this one really is lovely :) x

beautylovesbooks said...

I wanted to try this product last summer! I have very fair skin and the nightmare for me in the summer are the freckles!

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I love it, it's hard to find SPF that don't leave me looking oily but this one works a treat. Aww I love freckles :D x

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