4 Bedroom Storage + I Need Your Help

As I currently still live at home you won't find me in the home section all too often. However I usually get my home ware fix in the form of Pinterest but more recently I decided to make a few home improvements to my bedroom. Only small things as I recently decorated not too long ago, but accessories to me can make a room more welcoming and can really turn it from functional to somewhere you really want to spend time in. Here's the accessories I purchased -

If you're after affordable home accessories I would highly recommend a trip to Wilkinsons. I did find myself getting carried away (read I'd pretty much picked colour codes and accessories for living room, kitchen and bathroom!) I decided to pick up this cushion (not storage oops) I just think it adds a touch of colour to my otherwise boring desk area. I'm a fan of slogan cushions and this one really fits with the colours in my room. It also offers some back support as I seem to be cooped up at my desk an awful lot lately.

I own a lot of nail polish. I'm not sure how it happened but I always seem to find myself buying more I should probably stop. Despite first having doubts that this storage jar would be too big I've actually managed to fill it. I think this is something a little bit different and also makes choosing polishes that little bit more fun. I purchased this jar from Ebay although I can imagine you can pick them up from most places.

The IKEA Skurar pots have done their rounds in the blogosphere and quite a lot of people seem to use them for storage so I won't harp on about them too much. I just think they're a great way of storing small products and brushes.

Although Mr Bioderma looks awfully lonely at the minute I plan on moving my everyday skincare and body care essentials into this love heart wire basket. This was another Wilkos purchase. I personally think it looks quite pretty on my desk and it also makes things a lot easier as I can have all of my daily products in one central area.

So I need your help. My makeup storage doesn't quite work at the moment. My makeup bag used to be sufficient however recently I'm finding it more and more difficult to locate my favourite products and to ensure everything gets used as things often find their way to the bottom of the bag where they are most likely forgotten about. The obvious solution is Mujii but the acrylic storage has never really appealed to me as I dislike fingerprints. I'd love to know how you store your makeup. If any of you have written a post or know of any good makeup storage solutions I'd love to know.

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