Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment

If you have curly, coarse, thick, fine or hard to manage hair you need some Ojon in your life. In particular the Rare Blend Protecting Treatment. When it it comes to haircare I'm usually a drugstore girl at heart, but after discovering Ojon through their miniature sets I've pretty much fallen in love with the brand. I feel like with Ojon I get a salon finish without any added effort which for me is a huge thumbs up as general hair maintenance such as blow drying or straightening is such a chore.

My natural hair is super curly, when I say super curly I mean mega curly (I'll insert an embarrassing curly haired selfie below.) When it comes to taming curls I'd pretty much given up, but the beauty with this Ojon spray is it works on both curly and straight hair. Post wash I apply the Ojon spray to towel dried hair I comb my hair through and I just find this spray makes my hair so much more manageable. It's a fine mist so doesn't weigh my hair down or feel greasy, on curly hair I find this gets rid of that fluffy frizz look. I tend to get a lot of static with my curls but this spray just eliminates that. So if you're a girl who likes to rock the curls without weighing them down this spray may be worth a try. It smells divine and doesn't leave any residue behind in my hair. 

For straight hair I apply this post blow dry or before I straighten. Although the  directions say to apply this to damp hair it actually works really well on dry hair as a heat spray before straightening. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky, as I mentioned it is a mist style spray so you can easily coat your hair I also find that only a tiny amount is needed per use. On straight hair the end result is shiny glossy frizz free (I just walked out of the salon) hair. My hair feels super soft and I've noticed I don't get that burnt hair smell (nice) when I use this spray. It's also worth mentioning that this smells incredible this smells like a spray form of the Nuxe Rev De Miel lip balm, honey and lemon. 

Over time I've just noticed the condition of my hair has improved so much since introducing Ojon, from my mid lengths to ends my hair just looks so much more happier. As far as heat protectants and leave in treatments go the Ojon Protecting Treatment has you covered it's a two in one wonder that I can certainly see being a permanent fixture in my hair care routine which is a shame given its price tag (£24!) 

What are your favourite leave in conditioners? What are your favourite heat sprays I'd love to know I'm still yet to find a drugstore one that's comparable to Ojon...

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