10 Random Thoughts On Travelling

So with my holiday done and dusted (boo) I thought I'd cling onto the last few memories of balmy evening walks for baguettes along rustic french alleyways by sharing with you 10 random thoughts on travelling. These are just random things have occurred to me over many years of travelling-

1. However organised I am, however many tick sheets I make I will always leave for the airport feeling like I've forgotten something.

2. I hate airports, the whole experience is dreadful and I have the worst track record for getting the dreaded pat down (note to self do not wear under wired bras through metal detectors!)

3. Standard Air planes will always make me feel like I've been transported to a creche of upset children.

4. I will always be forever doomed to have a seat near the toilet (note to self stop being a cheapskate pay the extra £10 and pick your seats!)

5. I'm a picky eater, I like to pretend I'm all cultured and try the local cuisine but deep down I just really want a Big Mac meal.

6. Relaxing/ Switching off is actually much harder than I think, having random thoughts about what Mums cooking for tea and resisting twitchy hands that are suffering from iPhone withdrawal symptoms is hardly switching off.

7. My skin loves the sun, all that extra vitamin D does wonders for my complexion and nails for that matter.

8. I can walk for miles and miles abroad yet dread the 20 minute walk home after work back home (what's up with that!?)

9. In hot climates all inhibitions disappear and I never find myself thinking about my unflattering wobbly bits or cellulite in my bikini (despite the dreaded pre holiday diet!)

10. I will always return from a holiday wanting another holiday, I swear there's a holiday sickness bug

Any Summer holidays planned? What are your thoughts on travelling are you organised, last minute, laid back?

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