Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop

For me blush is my absolute go to product, especially on dull skin days. As I'm yet to master the art of contouring/highlighting I rely on blush to lift my complexion and add a healthy glow. The newest addition to my blush drawer is the Clinique blush in Ginger Pop. The cheek pops launched earlier this year (I'm late to the party) and there were lots of positive reviews so I was more than excited to give this one a whirl -

Given as I'm a 50 shades of berry kind of girl Ginger Pop is completely out of my comfort zone in terms of blush, I must say though it flatters my darker skin tone perfectly, it adds a touch of colour and a lot of warmth to my complexion. Application for me was a little trial and error. Application problems aren't something I've read/heard about in reviews so perhaps I'm a makeup noob but there were a few problems I encountered when I first started to use this blush. On first application I used my Real Techniques blush brush  this picked up a lot of product on the brush but when I applied this to my face it was virtually translucent it was as though my brush had soaked up all the product. Given as the cheek pops have a waxy texture (not quite cream, not quite powder somewhere in between) I decided to try using my fingertips. This method did pick up product but I found it quite hard to work into my skin and in return I was left with a splodge of pigment on my cheek that looked  a little too obvious for my liking. The game changer for me was adding water to the mix. I sprayed the tiniest bit of water over the product, swirled with my RT brush and the blush applied beautifully. 

With the cheek pops it's very easy to go a bit cray cray on application as they are super pigmented. So swirl off any excess and pick up the tiniest amount of product and things will look a lot more natural. Unlike some other blushers I've tried this one looks really natural on my skin it doesn't settle into fine lines. The blush lasts really well throughout the day too so overall it's a win win for me. I'd have loved to show me wearing this blush but on camera the pictures virtually picked up no colour, this was probably down to lightening but however much I tried I just couldn't capture this on camera. 

Berry Pop and Plum Pop are next up on my Clinique wish list.

Have you tried the Clinique Cheek Pops? Anyone written a review of the Chubby Cheeks that Clinique have just launched? Does anyone have any tips for capturing cheek products on camera?

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