Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation

I was recently faced with a post holiday dilemma one which involved none of my existing foundations matching my skin tone (it wasn't pretty!) After a day out in the sunshine and noticing that dreaded foundation line I decided to bite the bullet and head to Boots for a new foundation. Now, when it comes to foundation shopping I'm hard to please things have to be just right. When shopping for a foundation I generally look for something light-medium coverage as my primary reason for foundation is to make my skin tone more even and to cover old scaring. I also look for foundations that are long lasting yet add luminosity to the skin, I want a base that looks like my skin but better. So with all this in mind I hit up Boots and here is what I left with.

Smashbox for me are an underrated brand I don't hear much about them in the beauty community for me they are like the dark horse which is a shame really as I've tried a mixed bag of products now and I've always been more than impressed with the quality, the products seem to do what they say which is a rarity to find in makeup brands. At some point over the next few months I plan on writing up a little post about all the products I've tried but for now I thought I'd write about the Liquid Halo HD Foundation.

So, not very often I say this but for me Liquid Halo is up there with my beloved Sheer Glow. The only slight difference I find is that Sheer glow (despite the name) is more heavy duty (in terms of coverage) and Liquid Halo blends more seamlessly into the skin. It's a huge shocker for me that I'm even making a Sheer glow comparison but after a few weeks I must say I think I prefer my Smashbox foundation. The Liquid Halo foundation is housed in a 30ml glass bottle and unlike sheer glow comes with a pump (yup I'm still not over that you have to pay for a pump with Sheer Glow!) I need 1-3 pumps to cover my face dependant on coverage desired, so I can see this bottle lasting for quite some time. What I love about this foundation is how easily it blends I can just buff and go I don't find I need attention to detail to achieve a flawless finish. The texture is almost velvety,  on application this feels super lightweight. The coverage with this is very much light-medium although I find any redness, pigmentation, scaring or spots are pretty much covered with one layer. This foundation works really well layered, so I can see this working for a lot of people no matter what coverage you are looking for.

My skin has varied over the past few weeks at times it's very dehydrated with some dry patches and other times it's grease central, so I really feel like I've got to trial this foundation when my skins not always been at its best. When I have had dry patches I found that this foundation still looked undetectable on my skin it didn't cling to or emphasise dry patches like some of my other foundations. Throughout the day when my skin has been oily Liquid Halo still met the mark, offering between 4-5 hours of shine free skin, I finished the day with a slight dewy finish but I actually quite liked this. If your skin is very oily a mid day blot/powder may be required but if you are a fan of a slightly dewy finish this foundation is great. I find that this adds radiants, makes my skin flawless and even but never looks too matte or overly oily it creates a perfect balance for me.

The Smashbox Liquid Halo foundation (£28) is available in 10 shades. For reference I wear shade no. 8 although as I mentioned in my other foundation reviews I always recommend visiting a counter and trying a sample before purchasing.

So if you didn't guess from my rave review this foundation just does it all for me and it's the only thing I've reached for over the past few weeks, it's surviving the heat and humidity and it's most certainly becoming one of my favourite foundations to use (sorry sheer glow!)

* Here's a picture of me wearing the foundation taken in natural light, the photo is taken on my iPhone as I haven't gotten to grips with using my SLR for face pictures, also I find that it blurs over my skin whereas the iPhone is more true to life. 

Have you tried any Smashbox makeup? What are your favourite foundations?

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