Burts Bees Essential Body Kit

Gift sets or 'try me' sets are a great way to sample a variety of products from a brand. Burt's Bee are a brand I see floating around the blogosphere here and there but I've never really considered trying anything from the brand the main reason being the brands ethos but that's not something I'll go into today (thing's could get ranty!) Back in January (yes January) I won this little gift set in Beauty in Beta's giveaway I decided to give a few of the products a whirl here are my thoughts- 

Burt's Bee's Body Lotion - Milk & Honey
This was extremely lightweight and despite me using it through the winter months it would have a made a lovely addition for summer time (when I'm after something lightweight that absorbs quickly.) The turn off had to be smell, this was quite heavily scented and I'm not the biggest fan of the artificial honey smell. If you're after a light weight fast absorbing lotion that adds hydration to the skin (and like the smell of honey) this lotion may be worth a try.

Burt's Bee Body Wash - Peppermint & Rosemary
Initially I did really love the smell of this, however I was disappointed with how quickly the smell disappeared it didn't linger like other shower gels in my stash. Given that the full size of this costs £8 I'd expect something a little more luxurious. This did foam which I know doesn't always happen with 'natural' shower gels, but the smell was disappointing.

Burt's Bee Hand Slave
Burt's Bee claim that is is an intensive treatment for hands ,the balm is packed full of botanical oils so I did have high hopes. However, for me this just sat on the skin it didn't absorb well and in return left me with greasy hands which in all honesty doesn't work for me. Perhaps as an overnight treatment but for general day to day use a total no go.

Burt's Bee Coconut Foot cream
I'm on the fence with this one. Don't be fooled by the name confusingly this foot cream has more of a balm/oil texture. It's quite thick/oily so I'd recommend popping some socks on and using this as an overnight treatment. Although it did take me a while to get around the strange texture I did find it left my feet baby soft the morning after.

Burt's Bee Soft Bark & Chamomile Cleansing Cream
I love cream cleansers and for me this one worked really well. The texture was perfect, you can easily work this into the skin. Although this didn't do a fantastic job of removing makeup it did leave my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. I would consider purchasing  full size of this.

Burt's Bee Lip balm
On first use I loved this, I mean it smells of peppermint what more could you want from a lip balm. However over time I noticed that this actually made my lips worse. When I stopped using this my lips were less dry/cracked. I didn't get on well with this lip balm at all which for me is odd as I've never really come across a lip balm I detest.

So I can't say that I was particularly blown away by any of the Burt's Bee products I have tried.  I enjoyed trying the products but I can't see me running out to purchase any more products from the brand especially given as the prices are pretty similar to The Body Shop, S&G and Lush.

Are you a fan of Burt's Bee's? What are your favourite pamper products?

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