#Fitspiration My Fitness Goals + How I'll Achieve Them

Fitness goals, if you don't have any you should. If you're a fitness enthusiast (like me) and do regular exercise weekly it can be pretty easy to find yourself stuck in a routine. I'm currently at a weight I'm happy with (finally) so I often find myself plodding along without much direction. Since setting myself some goals I've felt a lot more motivated with exercise, my goals have allowed me to push myself, leave my exercise comfort zone and work areas I've never worked before. As the winter months approach (mince pies a callin) there is no better time for extra motivation so today I thought I'd share my fitness goals, hopefully this post may provide a little inspiration or even encourage some of you to make some fitness goals of your own -

Be able to do the splits
Flexibility isn't my strong point. Ironically when I was younger I did a lot of gymnastics/ballet so I'm not entirely sure what happened there (I got old) However I'm making it my absolute goal to be able to do the splits in doing so I will hopefully improve my flexibility and have a little fun in the process (no broken bones hopefully!)

Achieve it: I plan to achieve this by incorporating a stretch day into my current workout routine. I have started to do a lot more Pilate's and Yoga moves both of which are improving my core strength, breathing and hopefully in the long run flexibility.

Run 10k
I'm a keen runner yet when it comes to events I'm rather coy. Having completed many a 5k I think it's time to push myself that little bit further. When you're a runner I think it's nice to have events to work for.

Achieve it: I've signed myself up for the Sheffield TenTenTen race in October.

Beat those post run headaches
More of a health goal but I think health/fitness/lifestyle all fall under the same umbrella. Post run I get bad headaches that almost verge on migraines (I get a sicky feeling with them/sensitivity to light.) The best way I've found to beat the headaches is to increase my sugar intake both pre/post workout. And also have a running supplement (in gel form) post run.

Achieve it: Do some research into post workout snacks/drinks that aim to replenish. Healthy sugar alternatives, gel booster shots that don't contain caffeine.

Gain some arm muscle
Fact I have the worlds weeniest arms. I even look strange in tank tops. However much I work and work on my arms I struggle to see any kind of result in terms of strength/muscle. I really want to work on this area and build some muscle for summer 2015.

Achieve it: Increase hand weights to 5kg. Incorporate arm workouts 3 times a week.

Define waist and improve core strength
I have podge. Just a slight podge. It really won't take much work but I'd like it gone for my 21st in November as I'm going on holiday and would really like to be able to rock some crop tops. The aim is to improve my core strength and add a little definition to my waistline.

Achieve it: Complete 30 day ab challenge (I'm almost there, 5 days left!) Incorporate toning exercises into my routine, up my Pilate's as this will improve core strength.

Do you have any fitness goals? How do you stay motivated during the colder months?

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