Three Ways To Avoid Blogger Hype

For today's post I thought I'd share three tips (that are probably common knowledge to most) on how to avoid 'blogger hype.' Being a lover of all things beauty I feel like you can get a little delirious at times with new releases being thrown at you left right centre and rave reviews on the web it can make curbing the spending rather difficult. Over recent months I feel like I've gotten way more savvy with my money and in return this has allowed me to put money aside for a deposit (flat) and a car. So here are my tips to avoid the hype that surrounds new launches - 

1. Sit on the sidelines

Yes, sit back and see how thing's pan out it will take all your restrain but it will save you some pennies. 
Ever notice how when a new product is released it suddenly crops up on a lot of blogs and within the first week is deemed holy grail status by many of your fellow bloggers. Here's the thing though is anyone talking about it in a months time? No, I thought not. Now don't get me wrong it's the world of PR and as bloggers we are always striving for something better. But personally if I truly love a product I'll still be raving about it two-three months down the line, so let's be honest it's not THAT amazing. Personally I always think when a new product is released it's better to sit on the sidelines observe from a distance and save your pennies. By doing this you can do your research, read endless reviews on the web and make your decision on whether a purchase will be made. Remember folks new doesn't always equal better.

2. Déjà Vu? 

So after following tip 1 you decide to sit down and finally read some reviews on that new product, only something seems familiar. I'm guilty of this one too, I'll read reviews and think wow this product sounds amazing but the type of product and ingredients are actually all too familiar to 5 other products of a similar nature that I already own! So I encourage everyone to check your collection for anything similar although it sounds boring it will save you money in the long run and will also save you typing up that 'disappointing product' post. 

3. Ooh a 'new' collection 

So it's approaching...the most wonderful time of the year (and I ain't talking Christmas!) Nope ladies I'm talking A/W collections in the world of beauty A/W in my opinion has to be the hardest time to resist, gift sets, new makeup launches, new collections it gets me a little hot under the collar just thinking about it. Most of these new collections will have those two words every beauty lover dreads slapped before it 'limited edition.' Here's the thing don't feel the limited edition pressure, for some collections such as MAC this does apply but for other items it doesn't, I mean take the limited edition Real Techniques Duo Fibre brushes they were released almost a year ago and are still readily available to buy via various online sources. Another thing to bare in mind is that items that form a collection can most likely be bought separately from a brands permanent line. Also, (especially with MAC) a lot of their limited edition collections are purely for packaging as a lot of the time similar shades are available in the standard packaging any time of the year. Don't feel pressured into new collections as half of the time something that's almost identical will be available all year round. 

Just remember folks never live beyond your means always hold off on purchases and if (like me) you are trying to save money consider if you even NEED the items you're lusting after 9 times out of ten the answers probably no. 

How do you avoid blogger hype? 

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