NARS Multi Protective Primer SPF 30

I've been meaning to write about the NARS Multi Protective Primer for the longest time, so long in fact that this has now been added to my empties basket...better late than never ey! So today I wanted to share my thoughts on this rather pricey primer by NARS.

Now, I'll be honest primers are neither here nor there for me, on some occasions I've even questioned the purpose or point of them. Over the summer months though, I found myself reaching for this particular primer, almost every day in fact. Something about the texture, and refreshing feel on my skin had me addicted, and the fact that this also offers SPF30 was an added bonus. This primer felt super moisturising on my skin, but also light weight in texture. Some primers can leave my skin feeling a little tacky, but it never felt at all tacky with the NARS primer. The creamy texture helped prevent flaky skin, no matter how matte/drying the foundation was the primer seemed to keep my skin dewy and flake free - perfect for dry skin through the winter months I can imagine. Although my skin isn't overly greasy nowadays I didn't find that this made my skin, oily or greasy like other primers I have tried in the past - definitely no silicone feel with this one!

So the million dollar question, does this improve makeup longevity? Nope. I would say that my skin did eat up foundation throughout the day, as it would without primer. However, for the subtle glow and flake free finish, this primer is definitely a winner. I'm unsure whether I would repurchase this primer as I already have a few other products to use up, but I would definitely consider repurchasing this at some point in the future.

Are you a fan of primer?


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