Two Foundation Fails

I don’t write about the products that didn't work well for me on my blog much, but when I have done in the past the response always seems to be fairly positive. Today I wanted to write about two hyped foundations that left me feeling underwhelmed, foundation is such a personal thing but, I still wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully help some of you who might have been considering purchasing -

NARS Luminous All Day Weightless Foundation – Described as a weightless foundation that offers full coverage. Coming from someone who absolutely loves most NARS bases (the Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and Sheer Glow are firm favourites) I was left feeling a little underwhelmed with this foundation. If you are a fan of Sheer Glow and have found your perfect shade be weary when approaching this foundation as I found the darker shades definitely didn’t match the shade names in Sheer Glow. I’m normally ‘Syracuse’ in Sheer Glow, but in this foundation I wear the shade ‘Tahoe.’ In terms of coverage I would agree with the product description this does offer full coverage, my pigmentation, scarring and redness was covered well however, I did feel like this foundation made my skin look blotchy and left a tacky layer that I couldn’t wait to wash off at the end of the day. Longevity wasn’t all that great either, I found that my shade oxidised throughout the day became slightly orange. A few weeks after purchasing this I found myself reaching for Sheer Glow and as result this has been left to gather dust at the bottom of my makeup bag. If you like or are a fan of Sheer Glow don’t assume you’ll be as smitten with this foundation – I’d definitely recommend getting a sample if possible before purchasing as it might not meet your expectations.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – This foundation created quite a buzz last year on its release. Right before we even saw what this foundation had to offer, we were bombarded with huge claims, amazing transformation videos and a lot of press. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can certainly see the appeal, any foundation that claims to cover all imperfections, glide on like a breeze and provide you with perfect skin seems well pardon the pun like magic. But, as we all know magic isn’t real, and similar to the NARS foundation I’ve found myself reaching for this less and less since purchasing. The shade range in this foundation seems a little off, I ended up with shade 10 which is slightly too warm toned for my skin but the shade up was too ashy. The finish was not great on my skin, if anything I felt like this looked a little flat and lacked any sort of radiance. I definitely felt like I was wearing heavy makeup, which I really dislike with any foundation, plus despite that heavy feeling I didn’t find that the coverage was all that great, redness appeared on my nose and pigmentation was still visible after applying a few layers of this foundation. Throughout the day my skin didn’t get oily, but my skin definitely ate up this foundation even with the addition of primer. I just felt a bit meh about this foundation, I expected a full coverage foundation, with amazing longevity but for me this definitely falls short.

Well, that was a negative one, I actually feel pretty deflated after writing this, but at the same time I really wanted to share my thoughts. In total both foundations cost just over £60 so it’s definitely money wasted on my part. I know that a lot of people love both of these foundations but for anyone who's on the fence definitely head to a counter get shade matched and ask for a sample. Better safe than sorry. Maybe now I should do a roundup of my favourite bases to help balance this out and spread some positivity? Let me know if this is something you might be interested in.

What are your favourite foundations?

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