A Month in Fitness - January

Ah January, let’s not deny we are all a little bit relieved that months over. I always feel like there’s so much pressure put on us at the start of the year to suddenly transform into a fitness guru who munches on kale crisps and workouts 5 times a week. The reality is a whole lot of leftover Christmas chocolate and a quite a few evenings wrapped in a blanket with Netflix…and chill if you are into that kind of thing. How did your goals go? Did you achieve them? If so pat on the back for you, you go Glen coco. If January didn’t quite work out how you expected pick yourself up and start afresh don’t write the year off and wait until the next New Year, start now. Which is exactly what I’m going to do right now. I’ll be honest January didn’t quite work out how I planned due to illness, lack of motivation and pure laziness. None the less today I wanted to share my monthly fitness round up to write about all the things that went well, and the things that didn't - 

Workout – I’ll be honest three workout sessions per week definitely did NOT happen. At the beginning of the month I started out like everyone else pumped up and ready to go. I started the 30 Blogilates ab challenge and Yoga Camp on the Yoga with Adriene channel. Everything was going so well until I got quite ill (long story) and didn’t have the energy to lift a finger let alone workout. As a result I fell behind with Yoga Camp, and only managed up to day 20 of ab challenge. The majority of my workouts throughout January consisted of Yoga and running. For the month of February I’d like to make the most of my gym membership and attend the gym or a class at least three times per week. February is the month where I'd like to focus on strength training. Weights and HIIT are going to be my thing for the month.

Wear- Nike Tank Tops – If you have weeny arms like me and feel a little conscious in those strappy gym tops you’ll love the Nike Tank Tops. The shape is really flattering on my figure and somehow they make my arms seem less weeny and more muscly. The tops cover my shoulder area, but have a key hole design so you can show off a pretty sports bra underneath.

Food – January was the month I received my first Sourced Box and got all motivated with healthy snacking read more about that here – I discovered some great brands from my first box. As I mentioned above, I actually managed to get ill for the majority of January which resulted in me eating very little and in return losing a lot of weight…I completely lost my appetite. When I did get my appetite back towards the end of the month I found myself eating the wrong foods, cookies, take away and lots of bread. February is the month where I want to start eating more (six small meals a day ideally) healthy, wholesome meals are on the menu this month. Baby steps.   

I would love to know what your goals are for February fitness or not fitness related and I’d also love to know how your NY resolutions are going?

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