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Sometimes I will purchase a product, use it religiously for weeks but never really form an opinion. There are some products I dislike, but don't hate and there are some where I just can't make my mind up these products often end up in a dark place…I call it my basket for unloved products. Every once in awhile I'll make a conscious effort to use up the products in this basket, sometimes I'll decide I quite like other times I'll decide that I hate the product, but today I thought I'd show you the four products that I actually quite like, not love at first use but never mind we got there in the end!

Benefit They're Real Mascara* - A cult favourite in the blogosphere it's fair to say I had high expectations for this mascara. When I first tried this I just couldn't get to grips with the formula, for me this was wet, clumpy and just made my lashes look spidery - which might be for some but I generally like a more natural finish for my lashes. Due to the wet formula this also felt uncomfortable to wear, my lashes felt heavy and I actually found that my eyes felt irritated throughout the day. Fast forward a few months and my views can't be any different. The formula has dried up a little and this works so much better, a light layer fans out my lashes, adds a dramatic finish (without looking clumpy) and really holds a curl. I'm not sure if I will repurchase this mascara as the price is pretty steep, but I'm happy I could get some use before it's expiry date.

L'oreal Elnett Hairspray - Throughout January I've been whipping out my Curl Secret, and experimenting with adding curls. I've noticed that my hair has zero hold, instead of heading out to Boots I decided to shop my stash. When I originally tried the L'oreal Hairspray I thought it was so-so, however more recently I've seen how effective this is especially with curls. It holds a style without leaving my hair feeling crispy or sticky, at the end of the day this brushes out easily and doesn't leave any residue in my hair. I'll be repurchasing the larger size when this runs out.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel - I originally reviewed the Oskia Renaissance Gel here and although I was quite complimentary to the product I wasn't entirely sure on the formula/scent. My skin has been a lot drier, and a lot duller throughout the winter season, since adding this cleanser back into my routine my skin looks more radiant, hydrated and healthy. I'm still not keen on the scent, but I'm prepared to ignore that for the results that this gives. I'll have to eat humble pie with this one, as I've even repurchased.

Keracare Anti Dandruff moisturising shampoo - Having darker hair makes dandruff ten times worse. Over recent years I've managed to improve my scalp, mainly by increasing my water intake and switching to slightly more expensive haircare (with cleaner ingredients.) However, there are times where my scalp is slightly itchy/dry and for those times I rely on Keracare. When I first tried this shampoo I didn't like it at all, the blue gooey texture seemed difficult to work with, and as it only has a slight lather I wasn't entirely sure how effective it was. Over recent weeks I'm completely converted this feels cooling on my scalp, and super moisturising in my hair. If you have a dry/sensitive scalp I highly recommend this.

Have you tried any products that weren't quite love at first sight? What do you do with the products that didn't float your boat?

*Gifted at a blogger meet up 

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