The Repurchase List #2

As beauty bloggers we are always striving for perfection in our beauty products, which can often mean a steady flow of new products appearing on our blogs. I wouldn't say I have a ridiculous amount of products as I've been very good at curbing the 'I'll buy it for the blog' excuse, however with new products constantly cropping up on the radar it can be quite easy to forget the golden oldies, and lets face it they are often the best! The real test for any beauty blogger is 'would you repurchase?' So I thought I'd incorporate a series on the blog (put my money where my mouth is) to show you the products I repurchase - 

Brow Whiz receives so much hype in the beauty community, deserved hype as this is such a beautiful product. If you have dark brows you'll know that the struggle is real, finding a brow product that looks natural can be difficult I find most shades look really harsh and obvious on my skin tone…I call it the sharpie effect. The shade I wear in Brow Whiz is called 'Ebony' it's a dark brown almost black colour with grey undertones and it's a perfect match to my natural brow colour. The fine nib means you can create tiny strokes that almost mimic natural hair in the brows. For a natural looking everyday brow, or for brows that look a little sparse I recommend Brow Whiz. Whilst I was waiting for my order I tried a few drugstore brow products and to me Brow Whiz is far superior a lot of drugstore ones transferred if I rubbed my face, Brow Whiz never transfers it stays around all day, and for me has to be one of the easiest brow products I own. It's hard to go wrong/heavy handed with Brow Whiz and for that alone I'll be repurchasing this for a very long time! For a full review and tutorial see my original post here. 

What are your favourite brow products? 

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