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Just before Christmas I was tagged by the gorgeous Rachel from 'All Natural Aspirations' to do the me-time tag. Rachel runs an all natural blog (if you didn't guess from the blog title) jam packed with fantastic D.I.Y beauty recipes, inspiring lifestyle posts and informative reviews! I've been a fan of Rachel's blog for a long time now so be sure to head over and show her some love!

What do you watch or read during me-time? 
Netflix. I'm currently watching Dexter. Addicted.
In terms of books I'm currently reading Dying Light by Stuart Macbride. If I fancy something a little more upbeat/easy to read I pick up a fitness magazine, I find them so inspiring. My favourites are - Runner's World, BodyFit and Women's Health.

What do you wear?
During me-time you'll generally catch me in joggers (Next do the best ones) PJ's, a onsie or anything of that nature. I've really appreciated the beautiful dressing gown I received at Christmas too, so fluffy and mega warm!

What are your me-time products? 
No pamper night is complete without an at home facial. For the skin I love to apply a deep cleansing mask such as the Origins Clear Improvement or a new addition the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing mask (it smells incredible!) I usually follow up with something hydrating like the Liz Earle Intensive Nourishment mask. For body I love a good scrub, the S&G ones are my favourites. I'm also a fan of dry body brushing there's something quite invigorating/ strangely satisfying about body brushing. I follow up with a body butter, the Boots extract one in Brazil nut is a current favourite - it smells amazing.

What do you eat/drink during me-time? 
Me-time for me is where I usually pig out, if you can't pig out during me-time when can you? I really enjoy cooking/baking during me-time so I'll usually sit and enjoy my efforts after, chocolate fudge cake is a fave…anything chocolatey mmm.

Hate to be that blogger/tea cliche but dam I love tea, can't beat a good old Tetley tea. Recently I've branched out a little the Tea Pig Liquorice and Peppermint is a current favourite, so refreshing.

Current favourite essential oil? 
Lavender oil. I've had a lot of trouble sleeping a lately (it's resulted in yucky grey/dull skin) I'm finding a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow knocks me out. The scent is so relaxing and just helps me drift off and breathe easy. I've never understood why people spend £16 on pillow spray when you can buy lavender oil for a £1.. the scent is never too strong and the oil never stains my pillow!

Do you have outdoor me-time? 
Yes, if you follow me on Twitter you'll have probably noticed I'm a keen runner. I've been running for just over two years now three times a week. Although I recently started running with my Dad I still very much enjoy solo runs, I love crisp mornings and warm bright evenings I feel like (more recently) I've really learnt to embrace all weather - I'm ready for whatever the UK weather throws at me!

Would you ever see a movie alone? 
No. Whenever I go to the cinema and there's that one solo person I feel sorry for them... I'm not sure why, they could be perfectly happy and super sociable but there's still that sympathy feeling that washes over me. I'd feel quite lonely going on my own, I'm the type of person who enjoys talking about a storyline after too.

Favourite online shop? 
Very tricky question for me as I generally order directly from brands websites. I guess if I had to choose I'd probably go with Cult Beauty, purely for the variety of brands and clean layout. I love seeing the 'recommended section' that features some of my favourite bloggers.

Anything to add? 
Without sounding like a 'Ms know it all' I'd highly encourage everyone to get active during me-time. I feel like so much emphasise is placed on having a gym buddy and the benefits of having said gym buddy but I sometimes find I'm way more motivated and focused when I work out solo. In fact I notice more results and I generally put more effort in. So without sounding like billy no mates, don't be afraid to go for that run, walk around the park, Yoga or Pilates class solo as you might actually welcome some me-time that's slightly more active. Plus think of the endorphins nothing beats that post workout feeling!

Okay - I tag
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Jasmin - http://jasmincharlotte.com
Rosie - http://www.eatreadglam.com

I'd love to know what your favourite me-time products are?

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