2014 - My Top Five Most Read Posts

I often find myself focusing on the negatives when it comes to my blog, as a positive way to officially wrap up 2014 I thought I'd share with you 5 posts that received the highest page views in 2014. I love reading similar roundup posts on other blog. In terms of growth I think it's always good to look back and see what went well as more often than not the posts that I assume won't do well are actually some of my most read. Here are my top five posts that gathered the highest page views throughout 2014 (and still continue to receive clicks now!) *Heads up if you click the pictures they actually link to the posts.*

So kicking off at number 5 (ironically) it's my 5 Skincare Tips. This post saw me going right back to basics with some simple tips for keeping your skin clear and happy.

In at 4 was my second instalment of 'I Wish I Didn't Buy That' a series that shows me sharing the products that didn't float my boat. The fact that this made it into the top 5 shows that people do find the not so glowing reviews somewhat helpful, it's certainly encouraging for me as I do often question the value of these sorts of posts.

Coming in at number 3 was my 'Get Your Feet Summer Ready' post. Not the sexiest of topics but my post included some great product recommendations (that do all the hard work for you!) It's never too soon to start prepping…in fact I'm already dreaming of sandal weather, but with this ice/snow that we currently have it's a long way off!

Surprisingly at number 2 was my Northern Blogger Meet Up post. Considering I don't necessarily write up that many 'lifestyle' posts on my blog it surprises me on how many page views this post has had. 2014 saw me attending my very first blogger meet up, I had such a wonderful time and was actually way less nervous than I thought I would be. I'm hoping to put myself out there a little more in 2015 and say yes to more networking opportunities so hopefully there should be some more lifestyle posts over on these parts. 

Drum roll please… Coming in at the top spot was my NARS Sheer Glow Review. To this day this post still clocks in a lot of page views, and is perhaps my most viewed post ever on my blog. It seems like this cult foundation is still a firm favourite and still a highly searched product on Google. NARS Sheer Glow featured in my 2014 yearly favourites, if you'd like to read a full review be sure to click the link.

If you're a blogger what was your most read post of 2014? Also I'd love to know what your favourite types of posts are to read on blogs. 

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