An Evening At The Ballet

If you saw my 'What I got for Christmas' post you'll have seen that my Dad very kindly gifted myself and Mum tickets to see Swan Lake at the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield. Such a thoughtful gift, with my Mum working long hours and caring for my Nan it's not very often that we get to spend quality time together, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the Swan Lake tickets. We had previously seen Swan Lake, when I was much younger we enjoyed the show so much it was such a magical experience so I was hoping it would be just as magical a second time around. 

We kicked off the evening with some food, I absolutely love Revolution De Cuba, so when I saw that they were offering 50% off all food throughout January it seemed like a no brainer. I often visit Rev De Cuba for post work drinks (2 for 1 on drinks every Fri & Sat after 5pm) lunches and dinners, at times it can get extremely busy but I always find the service to be top notch. The menu is incredible diverse, filled with tasty Cuban inspired dishes featuring a fusion of flavours from Spain, Mexico and South America. If you're a vegetarian or love seafood Rev De Cuba offer a variety of Paella dishes, and also sea food dishes (on their own.) The Sea Bass is always delicious, on this occasion though I fancied the Jerk Chicken burger with mango salsa, chips and a rum/mayo dip (it tastes so amazing.) The Jerk Chicken burger and the Pulled Pork sandwich are my two favourites from the menu. My Mum went for Chicken Rumba skewers (marinated in lime, soy and pineapple) with Cajun fries, despite the interesting flavours I actually found myself having major food envy - it tasted amazing. If you're a drinker it's also worthwhile noting Revs has an amazing cocktail menu, there's a variety of different flavours although I must say their Passion Fruit Mojitio is my favourite. Rev De Cuba, have restaurants in Sheffield, Cardiff, Manchester, Derby and Norwich, if you haven't visited already I highly recommend you do - the food is super yummy.

Feeling full, all talked out and a little bit tipsy we headed down to the Lyceum Theatre. As you can see from my pictures above (which were actually taken last summer) the building is so grand, and the interior is even more beautiful, I didn't want to take any images of the actual show or interior as it's a no photography zone and I would feel a little rude disrespecting that. The Moscow City ballet were absolutely flawless if you ever get the chance to see them I'd highly recommend you do, their production of Swan Lake was just absolutely beautiful. I truly feel in awe every time I watch ballet, it just amazes me that people can be so graceful, almost majestic they show so much emotion just though body movement and I just find (and always have found) ballet to be truly beautiful to watchTchaikovsky’s Swan Lake follows the fate of Prince Siegfried as he falls in love with the beautiful Swan Queen, Odette. Although I'd seen this ballet before I'd actually forgotten the story line, but it's just such a beautiful story and I actually found myself feeling a little emotional at the end. *Spoiler alert* but I'd clearly created an alternate ending in my head from the last time I saw the ballet- where nobody died I completely forgot! It's also worthwhile giving a mention to the live orchestra who sounded incredible, the show wouldn't be what it is without the beautiful emotion filled music that accompanies it and the orchestra certainly did the score justice. 

A beautiful show, yummy food at Rev De Cuba and amazing company made for an absolutely wonderful evening. If you ever find yourself in the Sheffield area I highly recommend booking a visit to the theatre as there's such a variety of musicals, ballets and shows on at the moment there really is something for everyone. 

Do you enjoy a trip to the theatre? What are some of your favourite food places? 

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