Feeling Ill… How to Perk Up!

When you are ill it can be quite easy to slip into that 'feel sorry for yourself' state of mind, I'm guilty of it especially over long periods of illness. I've had a cold, cough and sore throat for what feels like forever, disgustingly I've reached a stage where the doctors think I'm going to have to have my tonsils removed (yak) as I just keep getting infection after infection *insert sad face.* Anyway, moaning aside today I wanted to share my top tips/products that get me by when I'm feeling like poop, a lot of the tips will be fairly obvious but I still thought I'd share them with you today as I've found that they really do make all the difference -

- Drink water! (Unless you have tummy bug sometimes water makes it worse.)
Fairly obvious here but if you are already ill adding dehydration to the list will only make you feel ten times worse. If you have to venture out be sure to take a bottle of water with you. I aim for 2L when I'm ill as I just find it really helps flush out toxins and I feel much brighter.

- Do some exercise
Although I've been ill I've continued to do my at home workouts and (to Mum's disapproval) the odd run here and there. Studies have shown that getting a sweat on can actually help you recover from a standard cold/flu quicker. Although it can be hard to leave your PJs/bed it really does do the world of good doing some exercise, I recommend the Yoga by Adriene channel.

- Get some fruit
If you are anything like me all you'll want is a big bar of chocolate when you feel ill and although there's no denying I'll eat that bar of chocolate it's also good to up your fruit intake to give your body some added nutrients. I love Oranges when I'm poorly as they taste super zingy and refreshing.

- Ditch the powder
When I'm ill I rarely take time off from work (there's just too much to do) which means I have to make myself look some what presentable. My skin is usually zapped of all moisture, thing's go dry and rather dull. Powder emphasises dry skin, instead I recommend swapping to something like the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisture it adds a faux glow and leaves my skin super dewy/hydrated perfect for when my skins lack lustre.

- Banish dry lips
Similar to my skin my lips turn incredibly dry when I'm ill. I use the Body Shop aloe lip treatment as it feels sort of cooling and just leaves my lips super hydrated.

- Try to avoid tablets
It can be quite easy to reach for cold/flu tablets when you're ill, if you have a sensitive stomach like myself though you may wish to try some alternatives. Thing's like Vapour Rub and Tiger Balm have a menthol smell that really helps to clear the airways. I like to apply vapour rub onto my chest at night for a good nights sleep. Tiger Balm  applied to your temples can also help to aid headaches.

-Puffy Eye Solution
The Liz Earle Eye Bright is my new best friend, it reduces puffiness like nothing else I've tried. This feels incredibly refreshing and just brightens tired looking eyes, it is the perfect companion when you are feeling ill.

When I'm ill my skin goes dry, dull and just looks grey. It can be so tempting to whip out every treatment in your stash but as I learnt over recent weeks this can just make things worse. I'm not sure why but my skin seems to also be a little more sensitive when I'm ill so I keep everything simple and pared back. If anything I highly recommend adding in a hydrating mask, my go to is the Origins overnight mask as it just keeps my skin plump/hydrated …it can be tempting to use this every night!

What are your go to products when you are ill? Top tips for keeping up the energy levels through illness?

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