Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner

In 2014 in shower body moisturisers were all the rage, marketed as a quick, easy, fuss free way to get some added hydration without the faff of your average body moisturiser. Before trying Lush African Paradise I'd tried a few in shower moisturisers I'll be honest I wasn't completely sold on the concept the majority I tried smelt nice but didn't feel as though they actually made much of a difference to my skin, in most cases I ended up just applying lotion. Lush African Paradise couldn't be more different described as a conditioner for your body this little tub really does leave my skin feeling so soft, smooth and hydrated - I literally feel as though I've just applied moisturiser!

In case you missed the hype, in shower body moisturisers are basically designed to be applied right after your shower gel in replacement of your usual moisturiser,you apply a generous amount and wash away. A lot of in shower products I try end up down straight down the drain but the Lush body conditioner really does stick to the skin it applies just like a lotion and once rinsed away it leaves a slight layer on the skin. My skin feels so hydrated and super soft it really is like you've applied a body butter.

African Paradise has a unique scent, I'm a fan as I love Shea scented products but I'd certainly have a smell of this before purchasing as I can imagine it being hit or miss with a lot of people. Another negative to bear in mind you do find yourself using a lot of product, don't get me wrong I still got plenty of showers out of this tiny tub (more than I first thought) but certainly not a product I could afford to use every day.

For the days where I'm feeling incredibly lazy, or the days where I just need to get ready quickly I love African Paradise it's the perfect pamper product for the shower and I'd certainly not hesitate to repurchase this. In terms of in shower body moisturisers it has to be one of the best I've tried it's effective and just does what it says on the tin. A lovely fuss free product, perfect for the winter months!

Are you a fan of in shower body moisturisers? Have you tried African Paradise?

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