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So hands up who overindulged during the festive period? Yup, thought so. Let's face it the pull to dive into chocolate tins, eat endless roast dinners and enjoy the occasional boozy affair is way to strong to resist over the festive period …and if you did resist pat on the back to you please share your secret! If, like me you are now suffering with the aftermath (I'm talking a serious case of pizza face guys) then the Lush Catastrophe mask is just what you need.

Cupcake had to be my most repurchased mask of 2013 (review here) however Catastrophe stole the top spot in 2014 and I can't see it budging any time soon (sorry Cupcake fans.) Described as a calming and nourishing mask Catastrophe Cosmetic is the perfect face mask for congested skin. I find that this really helps to clear up my skin, it calms down any angry spots. Key ingredients include blueberries, chamomile and almond oil (which helps to soften the skin) so it's no wonder that this mask leaves my skin feeling incredibly refreshed and super soft. Although this does dry down like your conventional clay mask this doesn't suck up all the moisture from my skin it never leaves me with that stripped/tight feeling and unlike other fresh face masks in the range this isn't a complete faff to remove -  so it's a win/win really!

For when my skin is congested I find that Catastrophe Cosmetic gets to work fast, and let's face it that's what we all want a quick fix! This hydrating yet purifying mask is just what your skin needs after the festive period, certainly one to try if you are in the market for a new face mask.

What's your favourite Lush fresh mask? What are your favourite treatments for congested skin?

P.S Don't forget to up your water intake and eat lots of fruit/veggies to truly notice the biggest difference in your skin. My detox officially started yesterday!

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