#Fitspiration New Year Pressure

There's something quite uplifting about a New Year, in a way I guess it feels like a fresh start or a clean slate a chance to achieve the impossible (cheesy!) I often feel like there's a certain pressure placed on us to start a New Year 'right.' We are expected to reflect, have new goals and suddenly feel motivated to get fit (proven by the rise in gym membership sales during January!) Sometimes it almost feels like a competition, who can get to the end of the finish line first. I have nothing against people who see the New Year as a time to up their fitness game but I wanted to write a little post to remind you all that there is no 'right' time to get fit, you can choose to improve your health and fitness at any time during the year at whatever pace suits you. Whether that be cutting out a certain food each month, or slowly increasing the amount of exercise you do.  I'm a firm believer in setting myself small achievable goals throughout the year rather than one big mammoth task at the start of the year, with January being the longest, hardest month in the year why set all your eggs in one basket trying to give up everything you love all at once - if anything January is the month where we need it the most!

What do you think about New Year's fitness resolutions? Are you a fan of setting smaller goals, or do you go for the all or nothing approach? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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