2015 Skincare Favourites

I'm a little late to the party with my 2015 favourites, better late than never though right? 2015 was the year I remained loyal to certain products, I actually found myself repurchasing the same products again and again throughout the year. That being said I do still have a handful of products to share with you, I've split my favourites into skincare and makeup, today I will share my skincare favourites -

Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask 

The Antipodes Manuka Honey mask is unique, it manages to cleanse my skin and hydrates - for that alone it's a total winner in my eyes. In all honesty face masks are a step in my skincare routine that often gets neglected, but for the times where I do use a mask I opt for this one. My skin looks visibly brighter and feels smoother. For me no other masks perk up my skin like this one, it's great to use before a big event or as a quick fix when my skin looks a bit crappy.

Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm

Not a product that gets a whole lot of hype in the beauty world, but one I love nonetheless. Facial scrubs seem to have been replaced over the past year with AHA's/liquid exfoliants, for me though nothing beats the drastic difference a manual scrub can make to the texture of my skin. Scrubs have come a long way from the St Ives Apricot scrub days (haha anyone remember that?) The Oskia Exfoliating balm has such a unique texture that works beautifully on my combination skin. The balm has a gritty texture that doesn't feel at all harsh on the skin, having the smooth texture of the balm combined with the tiny grains creates the perfect balance to buff away dead skin cells. This balm levels my skin looking plump, smooth and a lot brighter. Used once or twice per week this tiny pot of gorgeousness gives my skin similar results to that of a facial, it's such a luxurious product to use - it really does deliver for me.

Clinique Take the Day Off Balm 

It may seem slightly odd that two cleansing balms have made it into my 2015 favourites, what can I say I'm balmy about balms! This is my third tub of the Clinique Take the Day Off balm - I just can't get enough. As far as cleansing balms go, this isn't the most exciting, its texture resembles coconut oil, this melts into the skin creating an oil texture that helps to break down makeup, once water is applied the oil transforms to a milky texture that wipes away easily. In terms of makeup removal nothing removes all my makeup as quickly or as fuss free as the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm. This works really well with my skin, as it never feels stripped or irritated. Although this is nothing groundbreaking or particularly exciting I'm yet to find a product that removes my makeup as effectively as this one - my skin seems to love it too!

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45 

Long story short, 2015 was the year I made the link between my pigmentation and sunscreen, in order to prevent future pigmentation I need to wear sunscreen everyday. Luckily 2015 was also the year I found my first sunscreen that I can actually bear to wear daily. The Clinique Even Better SPF45 is a daily SPF that's actually designed for people like myself who suffer with hyper pigmentation caused from exposure to the sun. You have to shake it well before applying, this has a salmon like colour that blends in well and provides a great base for makeup. This doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or tacky, it doesn't make my skin ashy - it's literally translucent on my skin. This is the first SPF that I've ever used that doesn't feel heavy, make me spotty or cause my makeup to slip off and for that it's a keeper. I apply this every morning without doubt, I find that a combination of the Clinique Moisturising Gel followed by this SPF provides my skin with just the right amount of hydration. I have noticed that my pigmentation has improved so much since using this daily, my skin appears a lot more even and my old scars seem to have lightened slightly too.

What are your skincare favourites? What were your favourites products for 2015?

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