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I love new workout gear. It's quite funny really as my boyfriend doesn't understand why I spend so much on something I'm essentially going to get sweaty in. As I mentioned in fitness motivation post over here, I like to use new workout gear as an incentive, when I achieve a new goal, work out 5 times a week for a whole month or eat healthy I reward myself with one item from my wish list. As my fitness journey seems to be going pretty well at the minute *pat on the back* I've ended up with lots of new sportswear. Today I thought I'd share a few Nike pieces that are new to my collection. Despite what my boyfriend may think I find Nike sportswear to be both fashionable and durable the DriFit range is so breathable my clothes don't feel uncomfortable at all, which for me is important. Nobody wants sweaty clothes that cling to all the wrong areas, and for me Nike just has my perfect fit!

Nike Pro Classic Bolt Bra - I originally bought this from Asos but it looks as though it may have sold out in most stores from a quick browse online. The Nike Pro classic bras provide medium support for low impact workouts. I like to use this bra for gym sessions, yoga or running. I'll be honest, there's not enough support for running, but I'm naughty and wear it anyway as I love the colour. Black, yellow and white print this bra adds a pop of colour to my outfit and goes really well with …

Nike Just Do It Drop Armhole vests here  and here - Anyone who knows me well will know that I have one hell of a complex with my arms. No ones fault but my own as I've abandoned my arms for years, I've never incorporated any form of arm exercises into my fitness routine years of neglect has resulted in weeny arms, with literally no definition. I recently completed a 30 day arm challenge, upped my weights and I actually feel a little more confident about getting my arms out! The Nike armhole vests have a loose breezy style fit, perfect for running as things stay really cool. The tops have a boxy fit and cover the shoulder area whilst having a little show of flesh on the side detailing - which I love! If you have weeny arms like me or feel slightly paranoid about showing your arms these boxy style vest tops really are flattering.

Nike Lunarglide 6 (better picture here) - Pretty shoes, hefty price tag. At £115 certainly not the most affordable trainer, however, keep an eye out for various discount codes, also check out Sportsshoes.com as they retail slightly cheaper. Price tag aside, the Lunarglide 6 have to be the comfiest trainers I own. I originally purchased these trainers in hope that I would be able to use them for running, however the Lunarglide 6 are a neutral shoe which doesn't actually provide me with the support I need (more on finding my perfect running shoe in another post!) The Lunarglide shoes are perfect for gym sessions, classes and I even like to just wear them with jeans and a top.

Nike Grey Vapour jacket from Wiggle - The vapour jacket fit is perfect for me, most running jackets sit above your bum and are more fitted. The Nike Vapour jackets are loose fitting, cover the bum and look perfect over vest tops. The material is lightweight, waterproof and breathable. I have a Nike Vapour jacket in high vis and pink, I'm happy to add this grey one to my collection, although I love colour, it's handy to have a grey one as it just goes with everything!

So that's it, my mini Nike haul. I'd love to know what your favourite sportswear is? What are your favourite shops for high street sportswear?

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