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Heat styling, treatments, endless backcombing and colouring - our hair sure does take a right old battering! All this abuse can leave our once healthy hair looking dull, limp and damaged. It can be difficult to find a budget haircare brand that targets damaged hair so when the Garnier team contacted me to try The Strength Restorer range from the Ultimate Blends line I jumped at the opportunity! The PR team had clearly taken the time to read my blog and had not only identified my hair type, but also saw how much of a fan I am of the Sleek Restorer range that I’ve featured here and here.

So, a little bit about my hair I’m naturally blessed with super curly hair (cheers dad!)There’s no denying I’m a slave to my straighteners and as a result my hair is slightly damaged and very brittle. , I was keen to try the Strength Restorer range in hope that it would improve the overall texture of my hair and hopefully protect from any future damage. With heavenly honey, propolis and royal jelly there are some lovely ingredients packed into every product in the Strength Restorer range. As you can imagine all the products smell amazing. This sweet (but not sickly) scent lingers in my hair after styling, I have to say it’s a huge selling point for me as I haven’t smelt any other haircare products that smell quite as good as the products from this range.  Gorgeous scent aside, let’s see how the products performed -  

Before trying the Strength Restorer shampoo I had a few problems with my hair, my scalp was very oily, but my ends were quite brittle and dry. I’ve found that a combination of the shampoo and conditioner in this range has completely eliminated my problem. The shampoo (as you would imagine) lathers up well and feels quite gentle on my scalp. The shampoo feels so nourishing and doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped or dry. 

The conditioner has a lightweight texture; I apply a light layer through the ends of my hair and then apply a little more product, focusing purely on my ends. I leave this on my hair for around 5-10 minutes then rinse away. Some conditioners can really weigh my hair down, but this one manages to be incredibly lightweight but also very nourishing.

If you haven’t tried any of the 1 minute treatments from the Ultimate Blends line, you need to get on that – like right away! All of the Garnier hair treatments have a buttery thick texture that provides an intense treatment for dry parched hair. I tend to use the Garnier 1 minute treatments once a week or on days where my hair needs an extra boost of hydration.My hair not only smells incredible after using this, it feels super soft, hydrated, nourished and it looks super shiny!

I saved the best until last, the Strength Restorer serum is definitely my stand out product from the range. If you only buy one thing, make it this! As you would expect the serum has a lightweight formula and smells like honey - the scent is even stronger in the serum! You can apply this serum on dry hair, it adds a lovely shine to my hair, protects against frizz/humidity and leaves my dry ends (that are in desperate need of a cut) looking less gross. You can also use this serum as a pre-styling treatment on towel dried hair, it protects against hair breakage and brushing damage. As with all the products in this range the serum made my hair a lot more manageable during the styling process, my hair was a lot smoother and less tangled.

After using the whole range I have to say I’m in love, I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase products from the Strength Restorer line. I’ve recommended this range to friends and family. My Mum who has her hair chemically straightened (and suffers with a lot of breakage) is absolutely smitten with the serum, after a gentle nag she has purchased her own bottle. I have been using this range for over three weeks now and I have to say in terms of improving dull, fragile hair the results are instant. The claim regarding 84% less breakage is something I will notice over a longer period of time, however I have noticed when straightening my hair there’s a lot less hair shedding (nice) and the front parts of my hair that usually feel a little tufty and coarse are a lot smoother and healthier looking!

Are you a fan of the Garnier Ultimate Blends range? What are your favourite budget haircare products? Have you tried any products from the Strength Restorer range? 

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