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Here's a shocker although I have the 'Beauty Blogger' title I don't actually purchase that many products monthly. This can often mean that my favourite products remain the same through months (hence why I haven't really included monthly favourites on my blog before.) Once I find something I love I tend to stick with it, which often means I only have one/two products per category in my makeup and skincare collection. I decided to introduce an 'It's Love' series (basically monthly favourites) but with a more 'flexible' name. Here's my loves from June- 

The Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub will always be a firm favourite of mine when it comes to body scrubs. The breakfast scrub is still one of my favourites for scent, it smells amazing and does an incredible job of buffing away dry skin. Unlike some S&G body scrubs that end up straight down the drain (I'm looking at you Sugar Crush scrub) this one actually sticks to the skin allowing you to really get your scrub on. I feel like the texture is slighter more abrasive than other S&G scrubs too.

This HURRAW Vanilla Bean lip balm has to be my most reached for balm, I'm in love with this stuff. This 'all natural' organic, vegan friendly balm is super moisturising on my lips. What I like about this is that it stays for the longest time, instead of disappearing like other lip balms I have tried. My lips  have been in a much better state since introducing this into my morning makeup routine. This also creates a lovely layer before matte lipsticks. Sorry, but I just have to mention the smell, it's just amazing like vanilla and cocoa. Thanks to lovely Rachel (AllNaturalAspirations) for recommending this product - it's a keeper! 

Well, I tell you what this Clinique lipstick has been well and truly loved throughout the month of June. There's nothing else I've reached for. The shade is called 'All Heart' and it has to be one of the most wearable shades I own. Having naturally pink/red lips most nudes look odd on me, but this provides me with a perfect everyday neutral shade, it matches my natural lip colour perfectly (see instagram picture here) The formula is super moisturising on the lips too.

The Bare Mineral Ready Touch foundation is the only base product I've reached for through the hot sticky month of June. This easy fuss free base has survived pretty well through heat/humidity. This just creates a natural, even looking base. It's so lightweight on the skin, and it's just quick, easy and fuss free. I can tell how much use this has received throughout the month as my RT Buffing brush is sitting spotlessly clean, my powder brush on the other hand not so much.

If you read my little book post over here you'll know I'm a fan of the crime genre. I finished this book in a week. What a cliffhanger, a brilliant 'who done it' style book that has you clinging on to every word. If gritty, blood, violence, gang crime isn't your cup of tea you won't like this book as it can be pretty explicit and hard to read at times. Throughout the book you constantly play the guessing game and when you're super sure who the killer is, something happens and a new potential suspect appears. There's just twists and turns throughout. I must say though I've read a few Neil White books and they seem to be pretty hit and miss.

At the gym I make a conscious effort to stay hydrated. I aim to drink at least a litre throughout most workouts yet I still face that dreaded post workout headache. After reading a few fitness style articles a supplement drink was suggested. 'Everything But The Cow' is a fat free, dairy free, gluten free, no artificial anything post workout drink. The aim is to create a a drink that's as creamy as a milkshake but still remains as fruity as a smoothie. I must say the blend works well. I love the Mango and Orange one, and the Banana & Kiwi are equally yummy.  Super tasty and my headaches post workout have eased. If you're after a healthy drink that's a great source of carbohydrates and protein for post workout this yummy drink may be for you.

So there we have a little mix of the products, reads and drink I've loved throughout the month of June. I'd love to know what products have been a standout for you this month? Any book recommendations I need a good lighthearted holiday book.

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