Soap & Glory Orangeasm Range

I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory (and have been for many years.) With their vintage inspired packaging, quirky names and affordable prices they really are my go to brand for skincare, makeup and body care. I was super excited when I first heard about the cheekily named 'Orangeasm' range after waiting for the hype to die down and finally getting my hands on a couple of products from the range I must say, I just can't get enough. 

As you can see I picked up the shower gel and body butter, there's also a perfume (I thought it might be a little overkill!)  I'll go right ahead and say I love this scent, it's fresh, zingy and super uplifting in the mornings. However, I can see why some people haven't been a fan.The orange scent has a sort of spicy smell to it, I love this though as it makes it both summer and winter time appropriate. If you are expecting a similar scent to say The Body Shop satsuma range you will be disappointed, as the TBS range has a more artificial orange scent whereas S&G have gone down a more spicy route. The scent is very overpowering though so if you're not 100% definitely have a whiff at your local Boots before buying. 

As with all S&G shower gels these bottles last for yonks. Only a small amount is needed to create a foamy fruity lather. The showers gels are super moisturising, and the smell really lingers even before applying body butter. I think it's so handy that the S&G shower gels come in a pump form too. 

The body butter is just amazing and so addictive. The scent just smells divine. This texture is like no body butters I've tried as it has tiny beads, similar to those you'd find in a body scrub. They disappear and melt into the skin as you apply the lotion. As with all S&G body butters this feels super moisturising without feeling greasy or sticky. The smell lingers throughout most of the day too.

I've really enjoyed incorporating these two products into my daily shower routine, it's amazing how such an uplifting scent can really make those early mornings a little more bearable. I feel energised, fruity and summery. I was a huge fan of the Sugar crush line but I think Orangesam may have taken the top spot. Now all we need is a scrub, a scrub in this scent would just be a-mazing especially if it had a similar texture to my favourite S&G body scrub of all time..Pulp Friction. 

Have you tried Orangeasm range?  Favourite products from Soap and Glory?



Rosie said...

I'm looking forward to trying this as I've only heard good things about it and I do love the smell of oranges. I think you're right about the perfume, I like oranges but I don't know that I want to wear orange scented perfume. I need to work my way through Clean On Me before I can try this though and it seems to be refilling itself!

Ciara Bottrell said...

Oranges are such a go-to scent for summer, absolutely adore the packaging !

Life in a Northern Town

beautylovesbooks said...

I love orange scented products! So refreshing! Too bad we don't have Soap and Glory here!

Diana P. said...

This one sounds amazing! The citrus-y scents are very refreshing for summer too! :D

Sadly I haven't tried anything from Soap and Glory, but I want to!!!


Lisa smyth said...

I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!! Hahaha I'm far too obsessed with Soap and Glory and haven't managed to try this new scent yet due to saving all my pennies for a holiday and a festival :(



Charlotte // BeautySoup said...

I love Soap & Glory and this new smell is so nice smelling! It's nice and sweet but still quite sharp! x

Soup || UK Beauty Blog

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, me too I love their product S&G and TBS are pretty much my go too's for body products. It smells so nice doesn't it? I don't think it's as sweet as other orange products I've tried x

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Lisa thanks for comment. I hate to be an enabler but yes you do!! I was lucky I made a pact to use up everything I had first (I'm a little bit S&G addicted!) but so happy I purchased these too they smell amazing. Hope you have a great time at the festival :D I love festival season :) xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, it smells so yum I'm addicted I try to just use these products for special occasions but it's become an everyday thing haha xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, aww that's a shame :( hopefully S&G extends I'm sure at the minute it's only available in UK and America hmm xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, they are aren't they. Something super refreshing about orangey scents through summer. I'm a sucker for the packaging too :D xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, they smell so nice. I've heard a few people say they didn't like the scent but I honestly love it! :D. Haha yeah an orange scented perfume seemed bit much I think they should have created a scrub in the range instead. They last for ages don't they!! I felt an accomplishment I recently finished everything up xx

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