VO5 Smoothly Does It

If you're a Hollyoaks fan like me then it's only a matter of time before you too are purchasing something from the VOS Smoothly does it line. The power of advertisements ey? But yes after seeing these products countless times on the Hollyoaks ad break I decided to try the Straightening Lotion, and Heat protect serum. Boots had a two for £5 offer on at the time so these products didn't break the bank but how did they perform?

Well, the VO5 Straightening lotion was one big disappointment. I liked the concept of this product, it's basically a cream that can be applied through the ends of hair to protect from heat styling, it's also meant to offer up to three days of straight frizz free hair. My current haircare routine consists of a balm for blow drying and a heat spray for straightening so if this worked it would have cut my styling routine down to one product, minimal haircare at it's finest. So after washing my hair I got my shake on, and pumped out some of the product. My first reaction was only that of surprise as this had a clumpy/bitty texture. Weird comparison alert but you know when you make icing and it's a tad lumpy resulting in those tiny clumpy bits throughout? Well that was the texture of this product, assuming the bits would some how disappear I went for it and applied through the ends of my hair. Well, the bits transferred to my hair white clumpy bits. Being the lazy girl that I am I continued styling as usually and the finish result was uber straight hair, super straight I even ventured out in the rain that same day and the moisture didn't affect my hair in the slightest, however the white bits were visible. You'd have to be super up close and personal to the see the bits, but it did disturb me a little that I'd taken freshly cleaned hair and put clumpy white bits in. This product is a thumbs down for me, it may just be that I was unfortunate enough to buy a faulty product, but even after shaking vigorously the product remained the same. If you'd like to avoid that "I have dandruff look"stay away from this product, it's a no go especially if you have darker hair like mine.

Negative nelly moment over, time to tell you about the product that saved the day the VO5 Heat protection serum. I'll start by saying, I really don't know how this product is meant to be used (I'm a helpful blogger) I used this before blow drying and followed up with my regular heat spray, as I didn't feel like the serum alone would protect my hair. There's probably instructions on the back of the box that currently sits ripped up in my blue recycling box but hey ho. Before blow drying I applied this through the ends, I did think this would feel sticky or tacky but it was actually quite the opposite the serum felt super lightweight in my hair, it didn't make my hair greasy or weigh it down. I can imagine that this is one of those serums where if you're a little heavy handed the end result won't be greasy locks, as my hair literally drunk this stuff up. I'd even recommend this to people with fine, thinner hair types as it was weightless. After blow drying my hair it felt and looked visibly smoother. It just felt soft (but not to soft you can work with it and add a little grit) the end result was smoother, sleeker hair that actually stayed frizz free for a little longer.

So I'd give the straightening lotion a miss, but if you're after a new hair serum that won't break the bank I definitely recommend checking out the VO5 Heat protection serum, as it's highly comparable to serums I've tried from Redken (especially the Anti-snap serum) but for less than a fraction of the price!

Have you tried any VO5 haircare products? What are your hair care favourites?


Laura Chapman said...

I love the sound of the heat protection serum - I'm trying to get my hair into better condition at the moment so this sounds like a great idea. I can't say I've ever really tried and loved anything from v05 before, but always willing to give things a try.

Laura x | Life and Lipstick

Anonymous said...

I love a good heat protection serum. Shame about the cream tho! Nice post xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment Laura, yes I have to admit the serum is pretty good I enjoy using it seems to leave my hair that little bit softer and more manageable. Same here! I seem to have abandoned my hair a little a lately I need tp up the treatments again! x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment/stopping by! I have no idea what was going on with the cream xx

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