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If you don't follow me on Instagram/Twitter (if not, why?) it may come as a surprise that I'm a foodie, I enjoy eating out, trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. For me cooking has a fantastic social element there's nothing better than slaving over an oven to have people sit down and enjoy your creations. Over the years I've somehow bought a ridiculous amount of cookbooks, so today I thought I'd show you some of my most used cookbooks. Believe it or not the pictures above are only about a quarter of my collection (say what!) I'm not sure how or why I collect cookbooks, as we're in the 21st century the Internet is full to the brim with new recipes but for me there's something quite satisfying about reaching for a book, spending my Sunday evening browsing and choosing recipes I'd love to try.

Top 4 For yummy sweet treats 

The Best Ever Book of Cakes- Ann Nicol

Why I love: This is just one of those books where no matter what recipe I try it somehow comes out a-mazing and looks like the picture (bonus.) Simple recipes using everyday ingredients and non complicated methods. This book is full to the brim with easy quick recipes theres a real mix of recipes for beginners or for those who would like a challenge. Everything I've tried from this book has just been yummy, there doesn't seem to be a dud recipe.

Fave recipes- Sticky toffee squares, Millionaire Shortcake, Lemon & Lime drizzle cake, Lemon Chiffon cake

The Best of Cadburys Chocolate Cookbook

Why I love: Self explanatory really but it's a cookbook full of chocolate recipes, need I say more? If you love chocolate you'll love this book. Whether you're a fan of Cadbury's or not the recipes in this book are fool proof. If you need recipes that you can rely on for say a bake sale or party then this book is perfect. I do lots of baking for family and friends parties and this book is a firm favourite as there's something for everyone!

Fave recipes- Fudge Cheesecake, Warm chocolate slice, Chocolate Filigree Torte, Orange drizzled chocolate sponge, Chocolate lime creams…the WHOLE book!

The Usborne Beginners Cookbook 

Why I love: This book is actually the very first cookbook I ever owned, and it's still my go to for simple easy recipes, especially chocolate cake to this day I've never found a recipe quite like it as it contains ground rice (the secret ingredient for a moist light sponge!)

Fave recipes: Chocolate brownies, Chocolate cobweb cake, Lemon layered cake, Marble cake, Cheese and tomato tart, Stuffed peppers

The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days 

Why I love: I'm a huge fan of the Hummingbird cafe in London (if you haven't been and you love cupcakes you HAVE to go!) this book is my way of having a little bit of Hummingbird in the comfort of my home. The book is split into holidays, so you have cakes for valentines, Easter, mothers day, Halloween and Christmas. The muffin recipes are foolproof, if you're after a cookbook with recipes that add a little modern twist on the traditional cakes this book is for you.

Fave recipes: Carrot cake whoopies pies, Chocolate fondant cupcakes, Gingerbread cupcakes, Lemon and cranberry cupcakes, Red velvet cupcakes, Butterscotch pecan cheesecake

Top 2 Cookbooks for savoury treats, dinner and tea

Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals

Why I love: Quick, easy, nutritious, healthy yet delicious recipes. The photography in the book is just stunning totally Pinterest worthy. If you enjoy the show 'Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals' you'll love this book as it's basically all the recipes from the series grouped into one easy to follow book. The recipes are simple, easy and use ingredients that you can easily source from your local supermarket (no hard to find ingredients.) I've tried lots of recipes from this and they've all been foolproof, it's also great for dinner parties or impressing a special loved one. These recipes look like they've required lots of effort when really you've whipped them up in an hour. If you don't quite want to commit to the book but fancy trying some of the recipes visit  Jamie Oliver's website it's full of recipes.

Fave recipes: Korean Fried Rice with steak and mushroom, Cajun chicken salad, Pork steaks with Hungarian pepper sauce (there's also some lovely fish recipes for any veggies who may be interested!)

The Hairy Dieters Eat For Life 

Why I love: One of the best cookbooks I own everything I've tried from this has tasted incredibly yummy. A lot of the meals in this book are low calorie, but still taste incredibly yummy I'm a huge fan of the savoury meals, but the desserts section is also brilliant if you're after some low calorie yummy dessert ideas.

Fave recipes: Fluffy banana pancakes, Beef Goulash, Chicken Biriani, Chicken bake, Chicken Chow mien, Chicken tikka massala,  Chocolate mousses with raspberries, Very berry fool, Spiced apple cake, Warm Nectarine tart

What are your favourite recipes, food blogs, or cookbooks? I'd love to know and add to my ever growing collection!

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Alex Gibbon said...

The first cookbook I ever owned was the The Usborne Beginners Cookbook it so good my favourite recipes are the chocolate refrigerator cake and the marble cake. Great post

Stephanie Eva said...

Haha, looks like my collection; cakes, cakes, chocolate and 'some' food! I love this collection post. I'm most interested in the best of cakes and cake days. I'm hoping I can find it in our local bookstore.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment Alex, I love those two recipes too it's a brilliant cookbook for beginners although admittedly I still use this book all the time haha x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks, ill never cook every recipe but there's something satisfying about owning lots haha. You got that right I'm all for the chocolate and cakes haha meals are just an add on lol. I hope they stock them the Hummingbird cake days one is so good some of the recipes are just so yum! X

Aleksandra Ladygin said...

Great collection!

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks sweetie :) x

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