5 Tips Finding Motivation For Exercise

If someone had told me three months ago that I'd be working out 5 times a week routinely, I'd have laughed in their face as quite frankly I never used to be 'that' girl. I have no shame in admitting I used to be incredibly lazy, the thought of getting sweaty after a long day at work never appealed to me. There are still days where I have to really push myself, but on a whole I've gotten so much better at motivating myself, these days I rarely skip a session and coming from someone who used to be an 'I'll do it tomorrow' kind of person I'm really quite proud of myself. So the question is, how do I do it? Today I wanted to share some tips, everyone will have their own way to push and motivate but who knows, perhaps this post will inspire, encourage or even give you some motivation to add a little exercise to your day!

1. Find what you enjoy
Finding exercise that's both challenging and enjoyable has involved plenty of trial and error on my part, but I promise as soon as you find an exercise that you enjoy finding motivation is easy! If you find yourself stuck in a routine why not change up your workout, whether that be skipping the bus and walking home from work, joining your local running club or picking up a weighted hula hoop, once you find an exercise that you enjoy and what works for you you'll find yourself sticking to it and noticing changes in your body. I personally found that working out indoors isn't for me, from discovering that I took up running and I've never looked back. I'm motivated to lace up my shoes and hit the pavements after a long day at work. I also find keeping my 5 training sessions varied helps work more muscle groups and keeps it exciting. Introducing new workouts or forms of training makes your body work harder, keeps it fresh and enjoyable - I find so anyway. My average week of training might look like the following -

Monday - Yoga with Adriene
Tuesday - Run club followed my arm exercises (with weights)
Wednesday - Kayla Itsiness circuit training (involves HIIT training)
Thursday - Run club (speed session)
Friday - Swimming, run or circuit training.

2. Track your progress through pictures, and how your clothes feel
We all know how disheartening it can be to repeatedly step on weighing scales and see zero results. Although I can see the benefits of reducing weight/BMI I find keeping a folder on my phone called 'fitness journey' full of pictures keeps me motivated to exercise. Seeing small improvements like my muffin top shrinking, or slight muscle definition in my arms keeps me motivated.  Small progress is better than no progress even if your pictures are gradual seeing a slight difference in your body shape or muscle definition is better than no change. I'm also a firm believer in going on the way that your clothes feel rather than numbers, finally fitting into that pair of old jeans or tops feeling slightly loose always makes me feel happy, super motivating!

3. Eat, breathe, sleep fitness!
It's going to sound excessive, and perhaps not everyone will feel the same way, but I personally find browsing fitness accounts on social media incredibly motivating. Tips, tricks, progress pictures all leave me feeling incredibly motivated, as does reading fitness blogs, researching recipes or stalking all your fitness boards on Pinterest! Seeing strong women with incredible bodies, motivates me to put 100% effort into my workout. Reading new tips, or discovering new blogs gives me a fresh approach to my workout which in return keeps fitness enjoyable! Perhaps one day I shall do a roundup of my favourite fitness blogs/Instagrammers.

4. Celebrate small achievements
It's going to sound big headed, but when I notice a change in my body I celebrate, and reward myself. I treat myself to new workout gear, if you follow me on IG you'll notice my love of all things Nike. When I notice my stomach looking a little more toned I treat myself to that new Yoga top, or running trainers I've been lusting after. For me, looking good whilst wearing comfortable clothing motivates me to exercise. Again, not for everyone, but I personally find pretty patterns and colourful workout gear motivates me, if however sportswear isn't your thing find an incentive that works for you. Having incentives keeps you on track and also makes you feel like there's a reward for your efforts.

5. Positive mind
Going to sound all hippy like with this one, but if you believe you can't do something you won't be able to. For the longest time I told myself I couldn't get stronger or I couldn't run that extra mile ditching that negative mindset has helped me improve in leaps and bounds. Telling yourself, you can do something tricks your mind and somehow helps give you ten times more energy! Tell yourself you can do something and you'll achieve so much more. I think I need to apply this one to every aspect in my life haha!

I would love to know how you stay motivated to exercise?

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