Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Travel Set

One day whilst perusing the reduced counter in Boots I came across a little Bumble and Bumble. The Invisible oil primer was reduced down to £3.50, at this price I couldn't say no (what a steal) after a little inspection I decided why not. I would have never have guessed that this little steal would be the start of a new brand obsession…oh and some really great hair days!

Now, there's no denying I've always been a drugstore girl when it comes to haircare (Garnier, John Frieda and Pantene are some of my favourite brands.) As my hair grew longer I found that the products I was using were not making the cut. My hair often looked dull, weighed down and the greasy scalp yet dry frazzled ends combo was really frustrating - it's fair to say my hair was not in a happy place at all. I'd heard a lot about BB (all positive of course) after trying the Invisible oil primer I didn't hesitate to purchase the travel size trio set, it's fair to say none of the products in this range have been a let down. My hair looks healthy and hydrated since I started using this range.

So, let's start with the product that kicked off my new obsession the BB Invisible oil heat protective primer spray. Essentially, this 'primer' is a heat protection spray that can be applied on both wet/dry hair before using heat. The word 'primer' for me does seem a little gimmicky, but I guess essentially you are 'priming' your hair from heat so I'll let them off on this one. Without a doubt this is one of the best heat sprays I have ever tried, I even prefer this to my much loved Ojon Protecting Treatment (which says a lot as this has been a firm favourite for a long time.) Applied on wet hair the BB primer detangles and softens my hair whilst leaving a lovely fresh scent. The products in this range all have the same signature scent that lingers in the hair - it smells so lovely, I can't really describe the smell but it's so yummy!  What I love about the BB Primer the most is that it doesn't weigh my hair down, feel wet, sticky or crispy in my hair it's literally weightless. This spray even feels weightless after applying to dry hair (before straighteners) it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy - now that my hair is longer, it's essential for me that my heat spray doesn't leave my hair sticky or heavy and BB's offering is in a completely different league to other heat sprays I've tried. If you buy just one thing from the range make it this!

The Invisible oil shampoo and conditioner have the same amazing scent as the primer which does linger in my hair (even after styling.) I have read a lot of reviews that claim the Invisible oil shampoo weighs down the hair, I have to disagree completely. Coming from someone with relativity fine hair that gets greasy quickly (like super greasy) this shampoo works wonderfully for me, it has a light lather, doesn't irritate my scalp and leaves my hair really shiny. This shampoo and conditioner combo hydrates my dry hair, and somehow make the ends of my hair (that are in dire need of a cut) look healthy and shiny. The Invisible oil conditioner hydrates my hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. I apply this through the mid lengths of my hair and my hair always looks so much sleeker and smoother post shampoo.

When using these three products in conjunction with each other I'm left with smooth, frizz free hair that looks shiny and healthy without looking at all greasy. Coming from someone who uses a lot of heat (addicted to my curl secret) I'm willing to pay that little bit extra for a shampoo/conditioner if I know that my hair is protected, healthy and well looked after. There's nothing worse than brittle hair, or heat damaged hair, but I feel like with these BB products in my stash I'm pretty much protected. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase full size of any of the Invisible oil range, Look Fantastic often have promotional codes (I got this with 20% off) so it's certainly worth waiting until a code pops up to make an order.

The Invisible oil trio comes in at £19.50 which isn't exactly cheap, but coming from someone with long hair I still have plenty of product left after 3 weeks of use (2x a week washes) so you can certainly get a fair bit of use from the minis

I'd love to know what your favourite haircare products are? Has anyone tried the Invisible Oil in this range? What is your favourite Bumble and Bumble product?

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