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If you follow me on Twitter you will know I’m a running enthusiast. In all honesty I used to absolutely detest running, but over the years, it’s really grown on me. I’ve found that seeing improvements, beating my PB and seeing changes in my body (hello toned legs) really motivates me to continue. I recently completed my training for intermediate 10k, this involved lots of hill training and fartlek training, anyway to get me through those tough 8 weeks I updated my playlist and today I thought why not share it with you! There’s lots of dance music, that’s personally what I like to listen to (especially when speed training.) Music for me really makes me go that extra mile!

Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding - Outside

Alesso ft Tove Lo – Hero's
This song always reminds me of New Years Eve as it’s the song that played before the final countdown at the party I attended (memories!)

Rihanna – We found love
Hang on…this was on my playlist last year (see 2014 playlist here) I still love this track even now! It just never seems to grow old…still gets my butt in gear when my legs feel tired.

Avicii – The Nights
Can always rely on Avicii for a catchy upbeat tune. This song reminds me of summer, cocktails…partying on a beach in Ayai Napa (I wish.)

David Guetta ft Emili Sande – What I did for love
I can’t not sing a top of my lungs when this song is on…yes I'm that crazy lady who sings alone in the woods.

Ne-Yo ft Juicy J – She knows
Gosh, I can’t help but think of Dapper Laughs with this song name (yak) song name aside this has a great beat for running and I do love a bit of Ne-Yo.

DJ Fresh ft Ella Eyre – Gravity
Woahwiee new girl crush alert but isn’t Ella Eyre such a babe? Her hair is amazing. The vocals on this track are incredible and the beat always gets me going I love DJ Fresh collabs.

Jason Derulo – With the lights on

Blog refresh
Although I haven’t technically had a break from my blog, you may have noticed my posts have been rather sporadic...to put it bluntly, there hasn’t been any consistency or schedule with my recent posts. I initially started my blog over a year ago with the intention being that I would blog about all things beauty, but as the years gone on I have noticed that my interests have changed.

I have thought about changing the direction of my blog for a while now, over the past year I’ve really taken an interest in health/fitness I’ve noticed such a difference in myself and my body. I love the idea of writing about fitness, by no means do I consider myself an expert but I do quite love the idea of my blog been somewhere I can document my progress, share some tips, learn new tips and promote an overall healthy lifestyle. You can expect to see fitness posts, recipes and a lot more lifestyle. For those of you who liked my beauty posts there will still be the odd one here and there but on a whole I’m trying to add a little more variety to my blog. With this in mind I’m hoping that from April I can resume my twice weekly posts, I can’t wait to share some new content and to get back into a routine. 

What's on your workout playlist? 

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