Makeup & Mojitos at The Body Shop!

Mojitos, Krispy Kremes and chocolate treats were waiting when I arrived at The Body Shop Mojito launch event. As a huge fan of everything Body Shop I was thrilled to receive an invite to an in store event at  Meadowhall. Makeovers, skin consultations and product demonstrations were all on the menu – here’s what I got up!

The evening kicked off with a demonstration of the new Mojito range. Lime and fresh mint the new products in this range have a lovely, fresh scent that’s perfect for summer. It’s worthwhile noting that all the products in this range have quite a subtle scent; the products aren’t quite as strong  as other TBS ranges, e.g. satsuma, but, I can imagine this subtle, fresh scent will be a favourite for a lot of people, especially for the warmer months. The products feel super refreshing, making them the most obvious choice for hot summer days (if we get any!?) The range includes a shower gel, body scrub, body butter, body sorbet and body splash. The sorbet and scrub are very high up on my list at the moment, but I’m waiting for a discount as we all know, TBS is great for discount codes! The body splash is a brand new fragrance format which is unlike anything I have seen before. This zingy fresh scent has a liquid texture, allowing you to splash the perfume or rub into your skin after lotion. The body splash smelt slightly stronger to the other products in the range, but again nothing too overpowering.  I felt a little underwhelmed with the mojito range, I expected the scent to be a lot more zingy, sweet and citrus smelling. If you are a fan of subtle scents then the Mojito range might be for you, but for now I’ll be sticking with my satsuma and coconut scented products.

After the Mojito demonstration we headed to a different stand to learn all about TBS skincare, products for different skin types and general skincare tips. Did you know that TBS offers free skin consultations? This was news to me; I think it’s brilliant though, as the range of products expands it can be difficult to work out which products are suited to your skin type so it’s great to have that extra bit of knowledge when choosing products. The lady who talked to us on the night was so informative and knowledge, as soon as she mentioned about pores not opening or closing I knew that I could trust her every word! We received a demonstration of the new Vitamin C products which I’ve already reviewed over here; she also showed us the cleansing oil and microdermabrasion products, both of which have been added to my wish list. I was surprised to discover that my skin type is ‘normal’ I always sway towards products aimed at oily skin types which could be where I’m going wrong with my skincare. I picked up a few goodies on the night including the Vitamin e oil-serum the lady mentioned that this would help with my scarring which is something I struggle with.


As we all know skincare is the foundation for healthy skin, so after hearing all about our skin and the range of products available, we were then given the opportunity to find out more about the base products and eye makeup on offer at The Body Shop. I haven’t had that much experience with TBS makeup in the past, I do however remember owning lots of glossy lip products back in the day…anyone else used to be obsessed with their raspberry lip balm pots? One of the bloggers had a makeover on the night; her eye makeup in particular looked gorgeous. We got to see the Shimmer Cube pallet in action and I have to say they seemed to apply well, they were super pigmented and I saw little fall out, I’m definitely going to check this out as I love a little bit of shimmer especially for holidays.

I felt like the whole evening has rekindled my love of The Body Shop products (so much so that I will have a haul going up over the next few weeks.) I’m excited by all the new ranges and can’t wait to pick up more body products to try.

What are your favourite The Body Shop products? What are your favourite skincare ranges? Have you tried the new mojito range?

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