Life Tonics - The Perfect Post-workout Drink!

We all know the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated throughout the day. Finding drinks that hydrate, aren't loaded with sugar, but still taste amazing can prove quite the challenge - the struggle is real, says the recovering coco cola addict *hangs head in shame.* Over recent months I discovered coconut water, and although not quite love at first taste I've finally found a brand that I love... Life Tonics*- a new soft drink that hydrates and tastes incredibly refreshing. Given my recent health kick now seemed like the perfect time to share Life Tonics with you all.

Life Tonics drinks hydrate, energise and are great for on the go, at work or even post-workout. I've found I'm never without a bottle in my gym bag. Before trying Life Tonics I used to feel dizzy and lightheaded after workouts (despite all the water I drank.) I drink Life Tonics drinks throughout my workout or sometimes after and I find that I feel a lot better after workouts - I mainly put this down to staying hydrated. All Life Tonics drinks have a blend of coconut water and natural fruit extracts, they taste so refreshing and even better they are loaded with minerals and vitamins. No nasties here as all Life Tonic drinks are formulated without refined sugars or artificial sweeteners only natural fruit extracts - there's only 90 calories per bottle! 

My favourite flavour has to be Elderberry and Juniper.  Who knew that Juniper is a berry that's used to flavour gin (it's no wonder this one is my favourite.) All of the flavours are lovely, the coconut taste is very subtle, so subtle that even if you aren't the biggest fan of coconut water I would still recommend trying as they taste so refreshing. 

The Life Tonics drinks are available in three flavours, coconut and mint, Dalandan Orange and Elderberry & juniper. Life Tonics are stocked in WH Smith and Waitrose and are priced at £1.49. 

How do you stay hydrated throughout the day? What is your favourite pre/post workout food/drinks? 

*PR Sample

P.S I'm thinking of writing up a post on pre workout snacks/drinks so keep an eye out for that! 

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