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Oh I feel like such a 'real' blogger, I haven't done a tag post since my Libester awardI was rather chuffed when Laalaa from Dolce Vanity tagged me to do the Blogger Love Tag (check out her blog it's a favourite of mine!)  I'm a bit of a loser in the blogosphere and rarely get tagged *plays violin* which makes this post even more exciting for me.

1. What was the first blog you ever came across? 

Hard question. Weirdly enough I actually discovered Youtube before blogs, Allthatglitters21 was one the very first people I ever watched on Youtube. Through Youtube I discovered blogs, the first ones I came across were most likely VDM, Lilly Pebbles, Zoella or Tanya Burr. 

2. Favourite blog reads. 

 3. Best blogging friend.

I don't really have any blogging friends, I'm a loser like that! 

4. Name a blog that enables your purchases.

Oh dear so many, so so many. I swear I'd be a millionaire if it wasn't for blogs. To name one Belles Boutique I don't know what it is, Laura comes across so genuine, sweet and down to earth in all of her reviews it's the sort of blog I visit and end up writing a wish list as long as my arm. 

5. Five blogs everyone should be reading.

6. Your favourite way to read blogs.

A big cup of tea, a huge slice of cake and preferably jim jams. Bloglovin is my best friend I follow so many blogs, I love having a full feed so I can browse through on my phone in my lunch break at work. I also use the 'Reading list' tool in safai where all of my absolute top blogs are saved. I browse these daily…it takes a lot from a blog to make it to my reading list. 

7. Bloggers that inspire you.

So hard there's so many that inspire me. I love how much time and hard work most bloggers put in- bloggers seem to be a dedicated bunch.

8. Favourite blog design/look.

Simple, clear, crisp and clean. That being said I do sometimes find a blog with literally just black and white a tad uncreative. I quite like a black/white theme with colour thrown in here and there whether that be through blog buttons, text colour, or images there has to be some colour. 

9. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Planning content, trying new products and photography. I also really love the blogging community as a whole your all so lovely, since blogging I've literally received zero nastiness, it sounds silly but in the short time I've been blogging I've felt really welcomed. I enjoy all the twitter chats, and I love hearing all your recommendations. 

10. Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future!

A book, ooh this is hard perhaps Amy from Salted Roses her book could be called 'Fashion for dummies' I literally need/want all of her clothes. 

I tag everyone, anyone who reads or fancy's a go at this tag or simply feels like sharing some blog love your all tagged. 


Lou Voller said...

Lovely post! Do you mind if I steal this tag? :D xx

Rinica Warner said...

Hi Lou, of course you cannot sure who the tag was created by but feel free to do this tag post I love reading them :) x

Alice Spake said...

I love this tag! There's so many fab tags about, I've just done the MAC one xx

Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

Rinica Warner said...

Ooh a MAC tag I haven't of that one it sounds fun :) I will have to have a read, I love tag posts don't usually get tagged in many and never know if in the blogging world it means I can't do it haha. x

Talía Cardeña said...

Great post :) http://outsidefashioncatwalk.blogspot.com.es/

Rinica Warner said...

Cheers glad you enjoyed Talia :D x

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