LUSH Grease Lightning

So besides from obviously loving the name (and singing grease lightning every time I use this) here are my thoughts/rambles on this lovely little spot treatment from Lush. 

Reviewing my skincare I came to a surprising conclusion I haven’t used a spot treatment in almost 6 years! Not because I haven’t had spots (I wish) but I’ve just never found one I truly like. Going through my spotty teenage phase I tried just about every spot treatment on the market, all of which dried my skin something rotten. I found most targeted treatments dried and got rid of my spots (in time) but also left brown marks and pigmentation. 

Grease lightning however works so well with my spotty combo skin. I like to apply this onto an ear bud and dab directly onto the spot (I initially did this as a precaution as I didn’t want my skin to get too dry) this can be a little gloppy in texture so I find doing this makes for easier application. This has a gel like texture, but when applied to a spot it doesn't dry or peel. This tingles ever so slightly on the skin (but doesn’t burn or irritate the skin like some targeted spot treatments I have tried.)

Now in total honesty this isn’t an overnight miracle worker, the spot won’t disappear when you wake up in the morning-but what product really does that anyway? What I was impressed with was how much this reduced the redness around my spot. Those under the skin spots, and full on out there and proud spots appeared smaller and redness was significantly reduced.

Overall I’m really happy using this, my sensitive skin isn’t irritated, this doesn’t overly dry my skin and redness is significantly reduced which makes concealing the spots much easier –and also no brown marks! This paired with my Clinique Anti blemish gel (for clusters of spots) has made my skin pretty much spot free for the month of March (whey!) 

Have you tried Lush Grease lightning  What are your favourite spot treatments? Tricks and tips for calming angry spots?

Ingredients: With witch hazel, tea tree and aloe vera gel this has a spot fighting ingredients list. However I am disappointed to see Methylparaben, which yes is another word for paraben. Something I like to avoid in skincare products. 


Audrey Nature said...

Interesting review :-) x

lexi marie said...

Another new product I'm going to have to check out :) great review


Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for stopping by/comment, it does an amazing job at calming down inflammation and I'm impressed its not dried out my skin like some spot treatments it's a lovely little product :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks sweetie :) x

reen coco said...

Absolutely love this review! I'm a huge fan of Lush and constantly wanting to try new products so this one has defo inspired me to check it out!



Rinica Warner said...

Thank you for comment, really glad you enjoyed the review :). I really enjoy using this I like that it's not super harsh as well :) x

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