Au Naturel #1 -Greener Alternatives + Coconut Oil

For 2014 I set myself a difficult challenge, which so far I've failedwell okay perhaps not failed just ignored. Three months into the year I decided to revisit my challenge and get on board. 

The challenge in question is all surrounding awareness, and I'm already relatively surprised by some of the research (more on that later.). Generally I want to be more aware about the ingredients I am putting into my body, I want to be more clued up on ingredients and just generally more aware of the brands I am using. Now this challenge isn't about me 'going green' I simply want to be try to introduce some greener alternatives into my lifestyle. I'll always have products in my collection that will always be favourites that probably have toxic written all over them, but my journey is about learning. I want to know why these ingredients are toxic and what potential risks there are from continued use followed by an educated decision as to whether to ditch or keep. 

I'm a huge fan of the lovely Rachel who runs the blog 'All natural aspirations' she's done some fantastic posts/videos on going green, and where to start. Rachel manages to be extremely informative and has some fantastic D.I.Y posts (that I can't wait to try.) After a recent twitter chat Rachel suggested I have a read of a book called 'No more dirty looks' which I'm currently working my way through. 

Hopefully this series will be enjoyable or informative for anyone like myself who wants to become more aware about brands, ingredients and clean cosmetics. I aim to do product reviews, and a few D.I.Y posts chucked in for good measure.

Today I wanted to talk about coconut oil, 100% raw organic coconut oil (see link here) I purchased my huge tub from Ebay for a rather affordable £4.49. I've previously read about the fantastic benefits of coconut oil, but I've always stayed well clear in fear that it would be super greasy however I was wrong and over the past month I've been using this little tub of goodness for just about everything and anything. So here are my top uses for coconut oil-

1. Cooking 

You can use coconut oil in replacement of vegetable oil to fry foods. Before buying coconut oil I'd heard about the health benefits but I'd always worried it would overpower other flavours in a dish with a coconut taste, in all honesty I don't notice the biggest taste difference. Using coconut oil is only like using vegetable oil, no funny after taste, no weird smell just fried food that's a little bit healthier. I'm converted. 

2. Hair treatment 

You can use coconut oil as a pre wash treatment, simply warm the oil between hands (it's magical how this balm transforms into oil in contact with heat) apply through ends of your hair avoiding roots. Comb through tie hair up and leave for half an hour or so before washing. You can also use this post washing, mix your regular conditioner with a small amount of coconut oil and apply through ends. I've noticed the biggest difference in my hair condition since using coconut oil. Warranted I don't have the worst condition hair but after using coconut oil my hair is noticeably softer, shiner and more manageable

3. Body 

The lovely Molly from (Lyon Notes) also suggested using coconut oil as a body moisturiser. I've never been a huge fan of body oils, in all honest slippery greasy skin is just a no...so I did initially shun this idea. But one wild day I went for it and now I'm addicted. This doesn't leave my skin looking greasy or slippery, skin just has a lovely sheen to it, after using this I actually had the urge to get my pins out (sadly weather not permitting) I can imagine long term use would improve skin tone and texture as I've already noticed my skin looks and feels way softer.

4. Removing make up

Cleansing balm, massage into skin and remove with muslin cloth  this removed every last trace of make up, I found the oil to work really well at removing eye make up too. This worked on my sensitive skin too didn't feel aggravated or unhappy. 

5. Shaving cream

Yes you heard right apply and get shaving. Beware your razor will be super gunked up (nice) but if your like me and only use razors once this is super effective. Soft smooth legs. 

So there we have it, whats amazing is I've probably only just touched the surface on uses for coconut oil it truly is a tub of wonder there's so many different uses I can see my tub lasting for ages too as a tiny bit truly goes a long way.

Are you a fan of coconut oil? What are your favourite 'green' products? Any D.I.Y posts I'd love to check them out... 


Molly Lyon said...

You're so kind. Thank you! Glad you like it. I wanna try other natural stuff too, so let me know if you try anything. I'm looking into avocado oil, it looks great! Xxx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, yeah I'm really getting into finding alternatives at the moment and not to worry will keep you posted :) ooh avocado oil I bet that's lovely I sometimes use avocado in my homemade hair masks, I bet avocado oil would be so nourishing xx

Rebecca B. Bird said...

I use a bunch of oils in my beauty routine. I especially like rosehip and jojoba oils as facial moisturizer, and I find neem oil works well as a spot treatment, though it smells AWFUL, haha. Like burnt peanuts and chicken grease. I loooooove baking with coconut oil... it gives things such a wonderful flavor.

Glazed Over said...

The coconut oil I use does have a taste, but I LOVE that! It adds a subtle amazingness to things like stir fry, french toast, etc.

xo Brianna | www.glazedoverbeauty.com

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, I absolutely love rosehip oil swear by it's the only thing that's really helped my pigmentation! Oh I haven't hear of neem haha it doesn't too good though peanuts and chicken grease!! x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for the comment, does it?? I did hear and expect this to have some sort of taste but i genuinely didn't notice haha maybe I'm not using enough to notice a taste, oooh a slight coconut taste would be so nice in a stir fry, I bet it would be nice in a curry too… x

Fleur Chelsea said...

Love coconut oil! Personally I use it on my hair before bleaching it, that way my scalp never gets damaged and my hair feels quite smooth afterwards.
I am having a giveaway on my blog, stop by some time!

Sierra Calah said...

Ever since I was little we uses Coconut oil because of the amazing benefits! :)
Sierra Calah ♥ Berry Stylish  

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, I've heard such good things but never got round to trying until now - I use it for everything haha. Ooh that's good, bleaching can dry your hair out too good tip :) x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, it's so good so glad I bought a tub I use it for everything :D x

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