New Blog Challenge + Survey

Some of you may have noticed from my button to the right there I'm taking part in the #2014Bloggerchallenge I do hope your all enjoying my posts for that, I know back in January a few of you were upset about missing out on the opportunity to take part so today, I'm writing to tell you all about a new challenge that I'll be taking part in ... And you can too! 

The challenge was created by the lovely Gemma from Touch of BelleThe #BloggersDoItBetter posts will go live every fortnight on a Monday! Everyone who signs up will be sent an email with the post topics. The topics are going to be based on what Gemma has read in magazines (she thinks we can do a better job!) The topics are there to give you ideas and to inspire you to post something you wouldn't normally post about!

Challenges such as this one are a a great way of getting out of your blogger comfort zone! Through the challenge I'm currently taking part in I've discovered lots of new blogs and I'm really enjoying writing about topics. 

Anyone can get involved, whatever your blog topic! Whether you write about cooking, beauty, lifestyle or fitness. If you take part in the #BloggersDoItBetter, you'll discover new blogs and make friends with new bloggers!

So what are you waiting for fellow bloggers head over to Gemma's post here, leave a comment with your name, email address and blog link. Hurry though as the challenge has already received a lot of interest and with the first topics going around the beginning of April I wouldn't delay! 

#BloggersDoItBetter will you be taking part? I will be... 


Before you all rush to Gemma's post can I also use this opportunity to promote the survey I have created. It's 6 general questions about my blog (that would help me out an awful lot) there are a few things blog wise at the moment that I could do with some opinions on and the questions I've created would help an awful lot.


Fairyintheblossomtree said...

I think I'm gonna take part! :-)

Jenna x

Rinica Warner said...

Go for it sweetie :D x it sounds fun

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