LIZ EARLE Superskin Concentrate

Having plenty of dark spots/pigmentation I truly am a fantastic guinea pig for any products that ‘claims’ to lighten, even skin tone or improve skin texture. Now I know that pigmentation is pretty much there for life but I truly do believe that using quality skincare, improving your diet, using SPF and a targeted treatment can lighten to some extent by improving skin texture. 

If you read my Clinique dark spot corrector updates here and here you'll see from the pictures (and moaning) that battling an uneven skin tone truly is a huge issue for me. It's not pretty and it can make me feel super conscious at times as it just makes my skin appear so dull. I’ve dithered about purchasing rosehip oil for quite some time, there appears to be a lot of stigma surrounding it, It fades scars, brightens dark marks, controls oil, improves breakouts-can one little oil really achieve all that? Well, I have to say so far I’m very impressed (I’ll insert a bare faced picture below) but in the 2 months using rosehip oil my skin has transformed and my dark marks are a whole lot lighter. Using rosehip oil has not only helped to fade the scars/dark spots I already have but this has also helped prevent new pigmentation forming. The viscous circle of tackling pigmentation I already had with new spots forming was truly getting me down. But this really has helped significantly. 

I own the travel size of the Liz Eare Superskin  which comes in a handy rollerball, you can apply the rollerball directly to your face, or apply to hands warm and massage (my preferred method.) I believe the full size of this comes with a handy pump. I like to apply this at night, as I find the whole oil/massage thing super soothing. This isn’t a dry oil but my skin doesn’t feel tacky in the slightest, I hate going to bed with loads of stuff plastered on my face and getting that sticky pillow feeling (yak!) Although it can be tempting to rub rub rub, I recommend pressing the oil onto skin first then going in for a massage as I think this way it allows the product to seep deeper into your pores. With the word ‘concentrate’ in the title, this truly does feel super luxurious and my skin feels like it’s getting a double boost with this. With this being concentrate your advised to apply  2-3 times a week, although be warned it can be very hard to resist using this every night. 

As I haven’t tried rosehip oil before I don’t really have anything to compare this too, but I have truly noticed a significant improvement in my skin. It feels a lot smoother, looks a lot brighter, my skin seems a lot less oily, and this does wonders for those pesky under the skin spots. My only negative is smell, yeah the smells really not for me super herbally

As well as containing rosehip oil this also includes softening argan (something I usually reserve for my hair)  soothing neroli, lavender and chamomile essential oils plus antioxidant natural source vitamin E.

In the morning my skin appears brighter and feels ultra-smooth. I really do love this and I can see rosehip oil being a permanent fixture in my skincare routine. As I’ve seen results with this I’m very reluctant to try rosehip from another brand , that been said I am very curios about Pai’s offering…   

Have you tried the Liz Earle Superskin concentrate? If you suffer from dark marks, spotty skin or an oily complexion do you find using facial oils improves your skin? Any tips for us uneven skin folks? 

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Audrey Nature said...

Great review!
I love Argan oil..really soothing and regenerating for the skin! I really recommend it :-). x

beautylovesbooks said...

I should try it too! I am planning to order some Liz Earle products and this oil sounds good!

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks sweetie glad you enjoyed :). It's a new discovery for me completely I've applied Argan oil to my hair for years but never thought about applying on my face, there's lots of benefits apparently too :) x

Rinica Warner said...

I do feel like it's really brightened up my skin, everything I use from Liz earle seems to work so well on my skin very reluctant to use anything else! :) x

Sharlotte. said...

Glad you love this. I have Liz's Cleanse and Polish (as does everyone else in the world) and it's just brilliant!!

Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

Rinica Warner said...

It's really good, skin just always looks brighter after using it! I love the Cleanse and polish! Also going through that it's one of my fave cleansers :) x

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