Clinique Clearing Gel

Clinique Clearing Gel

I'm not the biggest fan of acne/ spot treatments, the majority are super drying and can often leave my skin feeling dehydrated, tight and just looking a whole lot worse. 

What's unique about the Clinique clearing gel is that it can be used on large areas of your face, which is slightly different to the targeted treatments we see on the market. This has a gel like texture and is quite astringent on the face, that been said my sensitive skin didn't become irritated or break out further using this. 

The Clinique clearing gel is designed to be used in substitute for your toner. Your routine would be cleanser, clearing gel and moisturiser. From trying the product for a few weeks I wouldn't recommend using a toner in conjunction with this product as I can imagine it would be too much for most skin types. You can apply this morning and night, to apply on your entire face you have to work the gel in quickly as it dries very quickly. Once applied it feels tight and looks kind of doll like its odd as usually these types of products also make my face feel dry but I didn't find this happened. Once you apply your moisturiser over the gel it completely dissolves away, no traces of the product are left (it's like it was never there!) it's truly bizarre, but skin doesn't feel tight, look dry or flaky. 

This product is designed for long term use, when spots are cleared this acts a preventative layer to stop any further spots from reaching the surface of your skin. I recently had 3 spots all at the same time, with this product applied the spots reduced in size significantly after two days, 4 days later and the spots were gone. I'm not sure how this product works with under the skin spots as I haven't had any to try this on....yet. 

In comparison to the Origins spot remover I prefer Clinique, although this does leave the skin tight (before moisturiser) skin is never dry, I found at times the Origins dried the skin and left pigmentation where as the Clinique gel doesn't leave me with any brown marks or further pigmentation it's less drying on the skin. I see the Origins one as more if a targeted treatment (for one spot) whereas the Clinique gel works better on clusters of spots, and acne.

Overall I'm impressed with this, I'm not sure if this will work for everyone as I can imagine some people not liking this as it does feel like a strong treatment. If like me your suffering from routine breakouts, over the skin spots I highly recommend, since using this my spots have cleared and they haven't left any nasty pigmentation which is everything I want from a spot treatment. 

Have your tried the Clinique clearing gel?  


Laura Chapman said...

A great review! I don't think I've read much about this yet. I'm not sure I'd like it though and not sure I really understand Clinique's concept. I don't get spots all over my face, just along my jaw and left cheek which are caused by hormones, so not sure why I'd apply it all over my face. Maybe I'd just apply it where the spots are or maybe it's targeted at people who get spots all over? Hmm... A good idea from Clinique, but think I'll stick with my La Roche Posay products.

Laura x | Life and Lipstick

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment sweetie, I defo think this one is more for the people like myself who get the odd spot here and there, like occasionally I get one on my forehead then one on my cheeks, I think the idea is that this stops all spots from forming before they appear (I don't think it does that though!) pretty good at getting rid of the ones that are there though :D. Still haven't tried anything from La Roche posay there new effeclat duo one that stops dark marks looks so good :) x

Brittnee KAO said...

I'm intrigued by this! I am SO broken out right now - might need to hit up the Clinique counter for a sample!


Chantalle said...

This actually sounds great! I'm not really into the Origins one so I really want to give this a try! Great review!

Chantalle x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment sweetie, no word of a lie I know everyones skins different but this has cleared up my skin in like the quickest time, and what I love the best is it doesn't feel dry or leave dark scaring wahoo x

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment, really loving using this at the minute don't get me wrong I didn't hate the Origins one but it dried my skin out and left scaring where as this gets rid of without the dryness or the scar really loving using this :D x

Alexandra Samson said...

Great post! I have been breaking out a lot recently- may just have to pick it up and give it a try:D xx

Rinica Warner said...

Thanks for comment,can't recommend enough I rely on this far too much now, don't know what I'd do without it! X

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