Superdrug Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist

A few months ago I found myself in quite the predicament, after using the last few drops of my Liz Earle Skin Tonic (a firm favourite and constant repurchase) I felt lost and my skin started to suffer.
A lot of people can get away without using a toner, but I notice the biggest difference in my skin without one, things look oily, spotty and dull. A good quality toner keeps my skin hydrated, clear and balanced. Instead of hitting the shops for yet another bottle of my beloved Liz Earle Skin Tonic I decided to raid my stash and in a bid to use up some of the products that were lying around I found myself reaching for the Superdrug Vitamin E Toning Mist*...

I'll be honest, I didn't expect much from the Superdrug toning mist, I'm a bit of a snob with my skincare but the Superdrug toning mist is a great example that budget alternatives can be just as good! My skin is pretty sensitive and doesn't always react well with fragrance so on first spritz I was a little apprehensive, however, so far, so good as this hasn't irritated my skin at all. I've even become quite fond of the coconut scent.

I've been using this toner for at least two months now and I've barely made a dent so you really do get your moneys worth with this one. I wouldn't say that this is a life changing product, but I am pretty impressed with how well this works with my combination skin. The vitamin E mist feels hydrating on the skin, it doesn't feel stripping at all and it's super effective at removing any last traces of makeup. This mist feels super gentle on my sensitive skin, I use this with cotton wool applied to my skin or as a light mist throughout the day over makeup. Throughout the day this feels refreshing and leaves me with a dewy looking complexion. The bottle is a little too over sized for carrying out and about but for holidays thrown into a beach bag it would be a perfect companion.

The Superdrug Vitamin E Mist has surpassed my expectations, for £2.99 it's a total steal! Did I mention that you also get 150ml worth of product? For someone just getting into skincare, or for someone who's not completely convinced on the toning step the vitamin e mist is worth a purchase and trial. It's a product I would definitely repurchase and although it's not quite at the same level of love as my Liz Earle Skin tonic, it's been a lovely addition to my skincare over the past few months.

Have you tried any products from the Superdrug Vitamin E range? I hear the cream cleanser is lovely.

*Received in a goodie bag at a blog event 

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