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It's not very often I'm happy to see the passing of a month, but thank gosh July is over! For me July was the busiest month of the year (so far), but that sure didn't stop me from falling in love with some old favourites and discovering some new ones. So for today's post I thought I'd share my products, food and fitness items that I've loved using throughout the month -
Diesel Fuel for Life - I feel all nostalgic with this one, Fuel for Life was one of my first 'proper' fragrances gifted to me by my mother at the tender age of thirteen. I felt like such a grown up. Fuel for life smells so fresh, notes of lemon, mandarin orange, pear and guava - this surprisingly doesn't smell at all fruity or sweet - the scents a difficult to one to describe but it's all I've used throughout July - I love it!

Bobbi Brown BB Cream - If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I've recently had a love affair with everything Bobbi Brown, including this BB cream that I'm featuring in today's post. BB creams have  pretty much had their day, but in terms of a lightweight base that still offers plenty of long lasting coverage the Bobbi Brown BB cream is a firm favourite. It impressed me through the heatwave we had for a few weeks ago…remember that heatwave? It feels like a distant memory… 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte in Ole Flamingo - July was quite a social month for me and for almost every night out I found myself reaching for the Bourjois liquid lipstick in Ole Flamingo. A year on and I'm still totally in love with this shade (to see me wearing it view here.) It adds a lovely pop of colour to my otherwise boring outfits the shade is so flattering on all skin tones. 

TIGI Bedhead Hard Head Hold Spray - I actually purchased this in a mini travel set along with a shampoo and conditioner, Bedhead is slowly taking over my hair care routine, it's not a brand I hear much about but all the products smell lovely and seem to be super effective. The Hard Head Hold spray is no exception, this holds curls like no other! This holds a style without adding a hard, crispy texture to my hair. This also doesn't make my hair greasy or sticky. 

Clarins One - Step Cleanser (for oily/combination skin types) - As I mentioned above July was quite a social month, which has meant lots of late nights, no matter how lazy I'm feeling i just can't bring myself to use facial wipes, the Clarins One Step Cleanser is the next best thing. I pour a little onto a cotton pad, wipe my face and makeup pretty much dissolves away. Granted, this is going to remove makeup as well as my oils/balms that I like to use, but for late nights it's been a saviour. 

Fitness & Health Favourites - 

Fitbit Flex HR - It's amazing how motivated this little tracker has kept me throughout July. For the longest time (almost a year) I've researched into fitness trackers, which one would be the best for me. I have to say I'm happy with the Fitbit, the band is comfortable to wear, the app is easy to use and I'm enjoying seeing small improvements everyday. Perhaps one day I shall write up a full review as I know these Fitness trackers seem to be all the rage at the moment. 

Graze - I used to have a Graze subscription a while ago, but after changing jobs I decided to cancel my subscription. I'll be honest, I'm lazy when it comes to snacking, I'm rubbish at preparation, which can often leave me caught out when it comes to midday munchies.having a few tubs of Graze fruit, nuts or crunchy crackers lying around has helped me resist my chocolate urges. 

Madeleine Shaw Get the Glow - When I haven't been feeling lazy, I've been reaching for this fabulous cookbook. I've tried so many recipes throughout July which is so unlike me as my cookbooks usually gather dust in a corner  can you tell cooking isn't my most favourite of daily tasks? Favourite recipes from the book include - Chia Seed Jam, Raw Chocolate Balls, Three ingredient Chia Pud. 

Gymbags & Gladrags - Weekly Planner - I've love using this weekly food/exercise planner that Cantara has kindly created on her blog, it's great for people like me who are trying to improve diet and fitness. Planning for the week ahead has helped me throughout Julyalthough I'm still pretty last minute with my prep! 

So there we have it my favourite things from the month of July. I thought I would throw in a quick update at the end of this blog post just to apologise for being absent from my blog for the past month. I recently had a bit of change in career, which has resulted in me going from part-time to full time in a role that's much more demanding …in terms of time, responsibility and brain power! It's taken its toll a little and I am feeling very drained, I'm hoping to put a little time and work into my blog this month so hopefully expect to see some new posts throughout the month of August. For any regular readers thank you for been patient and sticking with me! 

What have you loved throughout July? 

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