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Everyone wants gorgeous, glowing skin. Water intake, exercise and a balanced diet are all main contributors to achieving a radiant complexion, but every once in awhile we all need a helping hand so today I thought I'd share two wonderful products from REN that not only promote radiance but have also improved my skin texture and tone.

Having tried and loved REN skincare in the past, I was super excited to buy one of their newly released regime kits. The Glow and Go kit features two products that have been on my wish list for ages, the cult blogger favourite that is the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask and the newly released Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. Each kit contains samples that offer up to 2-3 weeks worth of use (perfect for travel!) Most of the kits are priced at £15.00, but the Glow and Go kit is only £12.00 it's a total bargain, here are my thoughts -

The Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask has a marmalade like texture that applies evenly to the skin. The scent and texture of this mask does take some getting used to, even now after using it on more than one occasion I'm still unsure how I feel about the scent. Odd scent and unusual texture aside, I actually find that this mask is super effective at brightening up my skin. There are not many products where I notice an instant difference, but with the REN mask I definitely see instant results. This mask gets to work and fast, my skin feels instantly softer and has a subtle glow. As you only need a thin layer I've managed to get a few weeks of use out of this tube - there's plenty left too! I have no doubts I'll be purchasing a full size bottle of the REN Glycolactic mask, I've seen such great results in the short space of time I've been using it, the overall texture and tone of my skin has improved greatly.

The Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial has to be the most unusual product I've tried in a very long time. This has a gritty texture and both the scent/colour reminds me of toothpaste! I would advise that you give this product a good shake before applying as it does tend to separate a little in the tube. Applied to dry skin this does feel slightly abrasive but, so far hasn't aggravated my sensitive skin in the slightest. On application resist the urge to go full on with the scrubbing action, as you really don't need to. This product has water activated vitamin C, once I applied water the product turned milky and again similar to the Glycolactic mask had a strange scent - again this takes some getting used to! The end result is skin that looks visibly brighter, radiant, smooth and even. I'm not sure what the magic is here, but this product seems to tackle so many skin problems in a short space of time. This product is unlike anything I've tried before, it's unique in the way it applies, but at the same time I'm so happy I've discovered it as my skin has never looked brighter.

Have you tried any REN face masks or skincare? What are your favourite masks for brighter skin?

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