Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanser - Jasmine & Osmanthus

For many years now I've had a long term love affair with all things Liz Earle, I've dabbled into other skin care brands, but I know that I can always rely on Liz Earle to get my skin back in tip top condition. The Cleanse & Polish cleanser is a cult classic so when I heard that Liz Earle had added a new limited edition scent to their tempting trio I was super excited to try it. A review by one of my favourite bloggers had me sold - Anoushka Loves (be sure to check out her blog after reading this post of course!)

Jasmine & Osmanthus joins the Rose and Lavender, Grapefruit and Patchouli – and my absolute favourite Orange Flower and Chamomile scents and I'm in love. If you haven't heard of Cleanse & Polish before this cult cleanser has a cream texture that literally melts away makeup without stripping the skin. Cleanse & Polish doesn't leave any residue and works well on both oily and dry skin types. 

The Jasmine & Osmanthus scent is so refreshing, I've loved using this throughout the summer months. 
When I first tried the limited edition scents I was a slightly sceptical - if it isn't broken why fix it right!? But, I have to say …I was wrong. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but I find the limited edition scents have a lighter texture that massages into the skin with ease. The lighter texture makes the cleanser more appealing in the summer months. 

If you're a fan of the original C&P you'll be sure to love this limited edition offering. If you aren't a fan of the eucalyptus scent that the original C&P has you'll definitely be converted with the Jasmine & Osmanthus scent. You can grab this 150ml Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish for £20.75 from the Liz Earle website  or at your local Boots (think of the points!) I would hurry with this one though as it's been out for awhile I've almost finished mine … time to stock up me thinks!

Are you a fan of the cult classic that is Cleanse & Polish? Have you tried any of the limited edition scents? 

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