TIGI Bed Head - Frizz Control & Straightener Serum

I haven't talked haircare on my blog for quite awhile now, if I'm honest, I haven't bought anything new in a long time. I've reached a stage where I'm happy with everything I'm using, which is a rarity for me as I'm generally quite picky about the hair care products that I use. I recently went for a chop at my local hairdressers, We are Laundry in Sheffield always do a fantastic job on my hair and on this visit I found that the products that they used left my hair feeling so nourished and smooth - I couldn't help but have a nosey at the counter and a mini shopping spree when I returned home. All of the products that my hairdresser used were from a brand called Bed Head, I've fallen in love with the product I'm going to write about today, if you have damaged hair or like a smooth polished finish this is the product for you.

The Frizz Control & Straightener serum comes in a squeeze bottle with a secure lid that twists to release the product. This has a green gooey texture which almost looks glittery in the bottle, thankfully no glitter is transferred into my hair. I apply this serum to both wet and dry hair before heat styling. Applied to wet hair, this has a fresh, fruity scent and leaves my hair incredibly smooth and sleek after styling.  The scent lingers after applying heat too, which I think is a lovely touch. A lot of hair serums that I try have a tendency to leave my hair feeling sticky, but, even if I go a little overboard with the Bed Head offering my hair never feels lank or greasy, this feels so lightweight in my hair.

I've noticed that my hairs a lot less dry/frazzled since introducing this serum into my hair care routine. My hair does have a tendency to damage easily with all the heat styling, but by using this serum plus my normal heat spray I'm finding that my hair is in better condition and looks quite healthy. I'm testing quite a few Bed Head products at the moment and so far I'm impressed with everything I have tried. It's not a brand I hear much about in blog land which is a shame as the products are so effective, smell amazing and are quite reasonably priced too!

You can pick up the Frizz Control serum in the Feel Unique sale right now for £10.15. I'd love to know if you are a fan of the Bed Head range? What are your favourite hair care products? Have you found any products that help your damaged hair?

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