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The 'sports related' protein product sector is booming, there's no escaping the endless adverts and promotional posters advertising that protein shake by a brand you've never heard about promising to give you a size 8 waist in just 8 weeks! It can be easy to feel daunted by the vast amount of products on the market, especially for your average Joe like me. Establishing what a protein product actually does or what type of protein is most suited to your fitness goals is a challenge in itself!

From whey to casein there's a huge range of powders/supplements out there to suit your goals, whether you are wanting to tone up, gain muscle mass, lose weight or even gain weight there's something for every goal.  Today I wanted to write about a brand called Mini v Nutrition, a brand that offers a range of protein products for people like me who are always on the go.

The Mini v Nutrition site offers a variety of whey protein products from shakes, to protein bars or even supplements. Whey protein can help to increase muscle mass and even helps with muscle definition when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It's worth noting that most protein products are aimed at people who exercise regularly (3-4 times a week.) Protein shakes combined with no exercise can actually make you pile on the pounds! The Mini v Nutrition Shake* comes in a bottle with powder, you just have to add your milk or water and you are pretty much good to go. These bottles are great to throw in your gym bag for post workout, having the powder measured and ready for you is super convenient. I usually have my protein with milk as it gives the shake a creamy texture, the Strawberry flavour tasted delicious and wasn't overly sweet or sickly like other powders I have tried in the past. My boyfriend who's pretty into nutrition (he knows his stuff) said that this powder was good quality and didn't have that much sugar/fat in comparison to some brands (which is a bonus!) Although the shake n go bottle is perfect for on the go I wouldn't say it's the most cost effective option when choosing a protein shake, you're probably best to go with a tub where you can have multiple servings especially considering most protein powders require two servings a day. But for someone who's new to protein, or wants to try the brand before purchasing the full size tub these bottles are a great option. With regular protein shakes I find that my joints feel less tired the following day after an intense session.

As well as the whey protein powder I also tried the Mini: Bar Orange and Chocolate snack. This tasted pretty similar to the Nakd Orange and Chocolate bars, there's no denying this is no Galaxy on the chocolate scale but it tasted pretty good post workout. This satisfied my sweet tooth whilst leaving me feeling pretty full post workout. This did have a slight powdery taste, but I find most healthy chocolate products have 'that' taste.

So there we have it, a little review of a protein brand I tried recently and actually quite liked. The Mini v Nutrition range is great for gym newbies or for people who are wanting to step up their training plan. It's worthwhile noting if you already have a diet that's rich in protein you might not feel the need to add protein products into your diet, however, if you are someone like me who struggles to build any sort of muscle or definition - protein shakes can really help you to pack on some sexy muscle definition.

Have you tried protein shakes? Do you have any favourite brands?

*In a goodie bag at a blog event

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