Lush Stepping Stone

Let's talk feet. Now I by no means like them but a girl certainly needs to take care of them. Every year when winter comes around they tend to get neglected and I'm sure this is probably the same for most people out there....enter Lush Stepping Stone.

Now don't be fooled this ain't no pumice, this fizzes when it comes in to contact with water almost like a bath bomb. The idea is to break a bit of at a time (hence why my toes are missing on this one!) this works super duper well, and smells lovely. It's refreshing and leaves your tootsies super soft.

By no means am I saying this will replace your good old foot file, but it's certainly worth a shot if like me the thought of filing puts you to sleep-feet are such a chore

What are your favourite Lush products? 



Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'd actually like to try this product sounds good! My favorite product from Lush at the moment is their 'Angels on bare skin" facial cleanser although, it doesn't smell too good, haha! And I'm really enjoying the "Imperialis". This was a great blogpost, thank you!


Anonymous said...
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Rinica Warner said...

I was relatively surprised because the reviews aren't too good but I actually really liked it hard to use but once you get the hang it really works :).

Ooh the 'Angels on Bare Skin' sounds really lovely does it have almonds in I'm such a picky pants with smells but might still be worth a shot ... I love lush skin care though there fresh face masks are so good!

Aww thanks :) x

Stephanie Eva said...

Great blog and lovely LUSH post. Just followed on Bloglovin!
I think I'll post a LUSH post too. Who doesn't love their stuff, haha!
Have you tried Bubble Gum or Lovely Jubblies? Awesome products. Also love their collection of massage bars...
Anyway, looking forward to more posts!
Much Love,
Stephanie Eva

abigail falconer said...

I love the lush bubble bars and their 'space girl' bath bomb, I also added the lush lip scrub to my september wishlist!


Rinica Warner said...

I love reading reviews on LUSH products everything smells so nice! I've tried the bubble gum lip scrub it's delish (I have to fight the urge to eat it!) Ooh I've not tried any of there massage bars I've heard they work really well at moisturising the skin too..

Thanks for the follow :D
Rinica xx

Rinica Warner said...

Oooh believe it or not I've not tried there bubble bars which ones do you recommend? I absolutely adore there bath bombs have you tried Twilight? Lavender goodness! I don't think I've tried space girl ...oh dear I think my lush shopping list is growing! Ooh and defo get the bubblegum lip scrub it's delish (and effective if you can resist eating it haha)

Rinica x

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