The Body Shop Colour Crush in 'Hot Date'

The Body Shop, as soon as I say that body butters and bath time goodness springs to mind. But make up? I always seem to overlook the make up section in Body Shop, I'm not entirely sure why as they have quite a good selection going on.

On a recent trip I decided to check out the new 'Colour crush lipsticks'. They have some amazing shades (and a few dodgy ones too for that matter) so choosing one was a challenge. I went for 'Hot date.'

In the bullet this looks an almost berry shade, just what I've been after with Autumn approaching but on my lips this has more of a pinky kind of shade. The shade is actually very similar to my natural lip pigments which creates that 'my lips but better' look (Oh dear I vowed I'd never use that phrase on the blog but there it goes...moving on swiftly.)

First impressions of these so creamy, I absolutely adore the finish of these so glossy! But in a good way, I just really loved the look. There so moisturising as well, so no need for lip balm underneath as these pack a good bit of moisture. There quite pigmented not as pigmented as other lipsticks I have tried (MAC.) Might just be me here but with my experience with lipstick the more pigmented a product the more dryer it seems to be? Sure there's some science behind that but I'm yet to find a truly wow pow pigmented lipstick that's also really moisturising. Bit of a ramble there for you. But back to the product, I do adore the finish the only downside is that there not very long lasting at all! These dry down to a stain and this does stay all day, for me this was a bit of a disappointment as if I want a stain I'll usually just go for a lip crayon/chubby stick. Overall though this is a lovely lipstick to add to my collection, but if your after staying power these just aren't packing.

Have you tried any Body Shop make up?

Has anyone got any recommendation for a bright (truly pigmented) lipstick that's also super moisturising?



Sara Caruana said...

I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. For more information about the subject visit this link: http://saracaruana1998.blogspot.com/2013/09/liebster-award.html. Thanks you :)

Rinica Warner said...

Thank's for the nomination :) I'll check out your blog
Rinica x

mai stor said...

you have a lovely blog <3
kisses ♥

Rinica Warner said...

Thank you for the comment :) I have followed on blog lovin looking forward to seeing your blog :)
Rinica xx

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